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5 Platforms for Content Creators to Earn Sustainable Income

Here are five platforms that let you earn stable income by selling subscriptions and memberships to your content. Whether you’re a writer, a comic creator, an artist or a gamer, you can take advantage of these websites to offer paid memberships to your fans.

Global Remote Internships Platforms

9 Platforms that Offer Remote Internships Globally

Are you looking for internship opportunities that are remote based? There are some legitimate online platforms where you can find such opportunities. Also most of these opportunities are global and you can participate in them from anywhere in the world. You also get certificates of completion to showcase in your CV.

Simple ways to find remote jobs online

3 Simple Ways to find Remote Jobs online

Remote jobs can be quite hard to find among other jobs on search engines. However, there are some easy techniques to filter out the remote jobs from others. You will have to follow a specific syntax to find such opportunities on Google. There are some dedicated websites too where you can find remote jobs.

8 Steps to becoming a Successful Freelance Writer

8 Steps to becoming a Successful Freelance Writer

To start your career as a freelance writer, you need to keep in mind a few things before pursuing this field. While you need to have suitable writing and comprehension skills, you also need to be good at research and presentation. You should also have adequate awareness of the topics you are interested in. Communication skills go a long way when you’re trying to build a writing career.

free online video maker tools

5 Free Video Maker Tools for Online Marketing

While there are many paid and premium tools and software for video creation available on the Internet, there are some free options as well. In this guide you will learn about 5 popular online video creation tools that are free to use with basic feature set. You can of course upgrade them whenever you want.

Best Side Hustles of 2019 to Earn Money without getting Bored

Best Side Hustles of 2019 to Earn Money without getting Bored

Side Hustles have become a trend among people nowadays because it does not only make you productive but also enables you to earn some money part-time. You can earn money in a number of ways including watching videos, doing online surveys, selling your photos and teaching online. All you need to have is to computer with an internet connection to make that happen.

strong passwords

5 Crucial Security Precautions to take while Working Online

There are a number of security precautions you can take to protect your freelance work from data stealers. You should give it a lot of importance because your living depends on your work. There are some steps you can take to protect your data and your client’s data. Find out more about that in this guide.

Get Paid for Dog Sitting 6 Websites that Pay

Get Paid for Dog Sitting: 6 Websites that Pay

Pet sitting jobs are the new trend these days and for that reason there are some websites and apps where you can apply for such jobs. You can easily earn around $15 to $20 per hour doing dog sitting.