Best Side Hustles of 2019 to Earn Money without getting Bored

Best Side Hustles of 2019 to Earn Money without getting Bored

We are all familiar with what’s happening around the world or at least in the USA, right? The recent government shutdown, have impacted almost one-quarter of Americans and will continue to do so in the near future. With jobs being lost and financial crisis right above our head, the only way left to make money right now is a side hustle and definitely the one which earn you money without getting away from home, like survey websites.
Not just for employees who have lost their job. Side jobs can be an anchor for anyone. You can be a baby boomer tired of sitting at home or a teenager looking forward to the next concert. Having a side hustle can benefit you numerous ways plus who doesn’t like to earn more, right? Especially when you don’t have to face the same exhaustion as the regular jobs.
Introducing, the best side hustles of 2019 to have as a second income because as warren buffet suggests “never depend on a single income”.


  1. Cancelling Netflix? Watch Videos and Earn

    You must have heard about surveys, share your opinion and get paid; but have you also heard that companies now days are paying you to watch videos and even let you write a review about them. E-poll Survey and InboxDollars are one of the few survey sites that pay you to watch videos, listen to songs and shop at your local stores.
    And if no one told you yet, let me break it in. According to USA Today, Netflix might be getting pricier soon. Now’s the time to get more frugal.

  2. Keep Reading, Keep Earning

    If reading is your hobby make it as your job at least as a side one because this one is just for a bibliophile. All you have to do is proofread – checking spelling, grammar, syntax or format. Don’t get confused with editors, their job is a lot different than this one.
    Proofreadanywhere can keep you occupied. If you love to read anything and everything then becoming a proofreader will be a piece of cake. Simple isn’t it?

  3. Make Pennies with your thoughts

    Writing doesn’t require you to sit in a cubicle and work for 9-5 hour job and that is why it is one of the easy ways to make money from home. In short, it is the evergreen work. IWriter is a platform for writing services which gives you the opportunity to write for multiple clients.
    And one thing is for sure that the internet will never go short of such opportunities. The time is in your favor; give your thought a direction and make as much as $100 in a day.

  4. Sell Photos

    Do I need to tell? Your camera roll says everything. To get that one picture perfect photo, we go to hell and back. If you can do that, you, my friend can make money. So, the next time you take a trip, try taking as many photos as you can and convert them into cash.
    You can sell your photos on Shutterstock and Dreamstime. Because everyone from bloggers to journalists to corporations access stock photos, no matter what your content is, there’s probably someone searching for it.


  1. Drive, Earn, Repeat

    Have a car? Make use of it. Drive with Lyft and Uber, why??? Because it is easy and doesn’t make you sit in one place. You don’t have to follow a specific day or time with this as your side hustle.
    Getting off at work? Just log into your account and start accepting the requests. Different people have a different story, so, you can make $11 – $20 per hour but it all depends upon tons of factors.

  2. Donate Plasma

    Donating plasma is different than donating blood. In the latter one, blood is drawn from your body but in former – blood is drawn, plasma is separated and blood is returned to your body. The good part is it only takes 48 hours to replace those plasma cells.
    Plus think about all the positive aspects it offers – plasma is used for treating burn cases, blood clotting disorder and many more.
    Companies like BioTest and OctoPharma provide you with the ability to make money more easily and quickly but make sure you meet the entire requirements.

  3. Teach Online

    According to statistics, a tutor earns a median pay of $27, which is fair considering it is a side job. But, if you are going to someone’s house to teach, it can be a bit too tiring. Start your online classroom on VIPKID or Skillshare.

So there you have it, the side hustles that can make money in 2019. Of course, the list doesn’t end here, if one bores you try the next one, that is the beauty of side jobs, it can never get monotonous. Just remember that your side job is your second source of income, treat it that way and you can never get enough of it.

Written By: Shubhi Saxena

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