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8 Websites for Making Money with your Proofreading Skills

8 Websites for Making Money with your Proofreading Skills

Are you a writer or someone who is passionate about writing and has a great eye for grammatical errors? If this description fits you, then you can easily make money by proofreading articles. Many websites pay you to proofread their articles, for which you only need good English language skills, a knack for grammar and you’re good to go.

What is Proofreading?

Proofreading is a critical component of the writing process involving English professionals scrutinizing a written document to detect and correct mistakes in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary. Good writing always requires alteration and revision, and a basic aspect of this process is proofreading.

Proofreaders have one and only one objective: To ensure that a given piece of text is 100% correct in terms of grammar and vocabulary. If you believe you have the skill set to check and correct someone else’s writing then this is the right job for you.

Can I really earn money online as a Proofreader?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, there are a number of websites that are looking for expert writing professionals to help them with their client’s writing. And some of them pay really well. The amount of money you can earn out of this career depends on your skill level. Some jobs even pay up to $50 per hour to read and edit documents.

Legitimate Websites that Pay you to Proofread

Here are some of the most reliable websites where you get paid to proofread and edit text:

  1. Scribendi

    Scribendi is a site that provides proofreading services for essays, thesis, resumes and many other types of scripts. It hires proofreaders and editors with good qualifications and degree in any related field. You can join their team of expert editors and earn money with your language skills.
    You can either choose to work at their office or work as a freelancer and proofread scripts at the comfort of your home. To join their team, your proofreading speed should be of 1000 to 1500 words per hour. You can apply for a job at Scribendi by going to the jobs section and filling in the form.


    Scribendi pays its users through PayPal and direct deposit. The work is project-based there is no fixed pay. However, according to some freelancers, the average earning is between $15-$20 per hour.

  2. Prompt

    Prompt is a website that provides help to students in writing their essays, specifically college essays and therefore requires individuals who are good creative writers and understand the art of essay writing to provide writing coaching to students.
    The task for a writer at prompt is different from proofreading as it involves creative thinking and writing skills. Prompt requires a minimum commitment of 4 hour per week. It’s a good opportunity for people who enjoy writing and are good at creating, analyzing, and bringing out the best of an essay.


    Prompt pays its editors a minimum of $20 per hour. The pay gradually increases with time to $24-$28 per hour once the editor becomes a full member.

  3. Scribbr

    Scribbr is another writing coaching service for students. It involves guiding students in writing their essays and help them become better writers by guiding them in their language skills.
    The website also helps students of bachelor’s, masters, and even Ph.D. in perfecting their thesis to graduate successfully. If you think you can be a good editor and mentor for students, then you can definitely work at Scribbr. The best thing about scribbr is that it allows flexibility for its’ writers.
    You can work from the comfort of your home and even design your own work schedule. Other than that, you can interact with a community of writers at scribbr if you need any help of any sort.


    Scribber pays its editors between €20-€25 per hour. Editors also get a higher pay rate if the deadline is shorter. So the shorter the deadline the more you get paid. Payment method is Paypal.


    As the name suggests, proofreads various documents for clients from all around the world and recruits anyone who has a good hand at language and can efficiently help in improving a writing piece or editing it. To become a proofreader at this site, you must take their preliminary test to showcase your language aptitude. Once you become a part of their team, you can earn between $19 – $46 with flexible working hours.


    Proofreading services pays its editors using PayPal and direct deposit. Editors get paid between $19-$46 depending on the deadline.

  5. Cactus global

    Cactus Global is a proofreading service that hires specialist writers of diverse specializations. You can help with writing pieces of different subjects, depending on your field of study or specialization. You must have a degree in a related field to join the team at cactus global.
    Proofreading subjects range from science and engineering to healthcare and business. If you have a piece of good knowledge in any specific field, then you can earn at this forum. Your task will mostly consist of editing and formatting manuscripts. Like all other proofreading sites, cactus global also allows you to work from home and determine your own work hours.


     Some sources have claimed that Cactus Global pays around $15 per hour. They offer multiple payment methods including Paypal and Bank transfer.


    Jobs for editors is an editing and proofreading service that does not require you to have a degree to start earning at their platform, however it does require individuals to have impeccable English skills and are good at analyzing writing samples to point out any mistakes and suggest improvements. It also requires you to know how to use a computer and the ability to work efficiently and deliver within the time frame. Although you don’t need a degree for this job, jobs for editors highly encourages professionals and specialists to apply at their forum as a writer manager.

    As a freelancer, you can work according to your ease and even signup for 1 week of training period if you are new at an editing job. Other than that, jobs for editors allow you to obtain a salary twice a month. You can apply for a job at this platform by submitting your CV.


    Jobsforeditors pays its editors through multiple payment gateways like PayPal, Payoneer, and Skrill. The pay per hour depends upon the complexity and urgency of the work. Like for simple assignments you can earn up to $5-$7 per hour. While complex assignments can earn you up to $9-$15 per hour.

  7. WritingJobz

    Another easy way for language experts to use their skill and earn a good amount of money. Writing jobs posts a variety of writing jobs on its’ platform and you can take up any amount of load, according to your ease to start earning. Writing jobz offers a diverse range of topics to proofread and edit. You can also write on different subjects and earn through your creativity if you enjoy writing.
    You can analyze science manuscripts, medicine, history and even sports manuscripts; and can provide important feedback for student essays, research papers, book reviews and help them in their work. To apply you need to take a test and fill in the form and you’re good to go!


    Writingjobz pays through PayPal. Writers can earn between $9-$15 per page, while editors can earn $12.

  8. Reedsy

    Reedsy is a great site for professional editors, publishers, and writers to earn extra income with their highly in-demand skills. Readsy provides service to authors who are looking to publish their books and need help with the finishing touches. If you have experience in publishing or editing books, then you are a perfect fit for this platform.
    Reedsy is a reliable site that has received funding from the European Union and has been reviewed by BBC. The best thing about reedsy is that it delivers your profile to the right client so that you don’t have to compete for every job against a wave of other freelancers. To begin working at reedsy, create your profile, and showcase your work experience to get accepted.
    Besides editing, reedsy also offers jobs for designers, writers, marketers and web designers. So if you have any of those skills, then you can be a part of reedsy as well.


    Reedsy uses Stripe as a payment gateway for its users/workers. Freelancers charge their own fee for the work they do, keeping in mind that the website charges a flat fee of 10% from their earnings every time.

If you’re interested in working online as a writer, here are 10 Freelance writing websites you can join.

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