9 websites where you can Make Money by Listening to Music

Did you know you can make money by listening to music and writing reviews about it? Among the many ways of earning money online, listening to music is one of them. Just by signing up to the websites mentioned in this guide, you can boost your pocket-money by a good margin.

Why do these websites pay you? Such websites pay users so that they can review music of new and upcoming singers and songwriters. These websites require feedback from a wide range of people to help musical artists find the direction they need for their songs.

What Am I supposed to do?Make money by listening to Music

Well, it quite simple actually. You just need to join the websites and create your profile. After the approval of your profile, you can start the work. You’re supposed to do two things: Listening and Reviewing. Listen to the songs of new and upcoming artists and write reviews about them. The more you listen the more money you earn.

Music Websites that Pay

Here’s the list of websites that pay you to listen to music and radio:

  1. Musicxray

    Musicxray is a platform for singers/songwriters to submit their songs and earn money by listening to music. It’s a website that connects the artists to talent hunters. These artists pay a certain fee to promote their music and to build a fan base by submitting their songs to the portal and generating follower-ship.

    Users can sign up as fans to listen to music of their own choice. These users or fans are then paid by the website to listen to music of such amateur artists. The recordings are mostly only 30 seconds long. Musicxray pays its users through PayPal only. They pay their users 10 cents per song. The minimum threshold for a payout is $20.


  2. Slicethepie

    Slicethepic is a Fashion and Music review website. It has become one of the biggest online music review engines providing reviews and feedback about the latest and upcoming music artists from the world. They offer an opportunity for reviewers to review and give feedback on the latest music tracks from new artists.

    Users are supposed to listen to and review the music. Each track must be listened for about 60 seconds. After that all you need to do is give a good and impartial opinion about those songs. Your reviews are then sent directly to the artists to help them evaluate their songs and products. Slicethepie pays its reviewers through PayPal. The company pays its reviewers 2-20 cents per review, with the minimum payout being $10.


  3. RadioLoyalty

    RadioLoyalty is a web-based radio that rewards you to listen to it. This service is available to many countries worldwide. Users can choose from a wide variety of radio stations to listen to. So why does this website pay you? RadioLoyalty is sponsored by advertisements, so naturally when you listen to the radio you also listen to advertisements.

    RadioLoyalty basically pays you to listen to advertisements while enjoying the music. They offers points for listening to the radio. Those points can be exchanged for Gift Cards. Users get points for signing up and completing their profile. After that you score 10 points for every 10 mins you listen to the radio. The company requires its users to keep filling CAPTCHA challenges every 4 to 5 mins to ensure they are active.


  4. RadioEarn

    RadioEarn is a great website if you want to earn passive income by listening to radio. You start by signing up for a profile and once you’re done you can start listening and earning. If you;re a webmaster, you cam integrate the radio on your website for other users to listen. This option will also make passive money for you.

    You will earn points after every 15 minutes. Those points are then converted to US dollars. Payments are made every month with Paypal.


  5. Research.fm

    Research.fm is a music research company that pays you to provide feedback for radio stations on what kind of music to play. The company basically asks its users to fill out a survey via email. The users then have to listen to a sample of music and fill out the survey. You can redeem your earnings getting an Amazon Gift Card.


  6. Hitpredictor

    HitPredictor is another great music research company that pre-tests songs before airing them. They pay users to listen to music and share their feedback about it.  Users simply have to sign up and choose their type of music, listen to the sample of music provided and rate it.

    The company rewards users with points. For every song you rate you get 3 points, which is equal to $1. Once you collect enough points, you can exchange them for Amazon Gift Cards and prizes. Users can also earn by rating artists.


  7. Cash4minutes

    Cash4minutes is a website that pays its users to call and listen to the radio. The users create their accounts and fill out their contact information, including landline number. After completing your profile, you receive emails with corresponding tasks to carry out. Users have the option to listen to any radio station that’s available at the time. Cash4minutes pays its listeners roughly $0.08 per minute. Payments are made through PayPal, Bitcoin, Litecoin or you can redeem your money through Amazon Gift Cards.


  8. Earnably

    Earnably is a paid-to-do site that rewards its users to complete different tasks. Users have to complete tasks for which they earn points. Each task gives you different points for completing it. These tasks range from taking surveys, watching advertisement/music videos or listening to the radio. Earnably pays its users through PayPal, Bitcoin and Amazon Gift Cards. The minimum withdrawal limit is $2 which is equal to 225 points.


  9. PlaylistPush

    PlaylistPush is a platform that allows Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music users monetize their playlists. It’s a website that connects musical artists to the playlist curators. Furthermore, the website helps these artists pitch their music to these playlist curators for a chance to be included in the list.

    How it works is artists pay the curators to listen to and review their songs, if you like the song you add it to your playlist. To qualify as a curator, PlaylistPush requires you to have at least 400 followers on your playlist. The pay per song rate depends on your reputation. The company pays its users between $1-$12 per song review. They pay their curators through PayPal.


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