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4 Freelance Platforms for PhDs, Scientists and Industry Experts

Freelance platforms for PhDs and Scientists

Most industry professionals, scientists and PhDs don’t know much about freelancing. It’s still an untapped area that can bring huge technological advancements for the industry. Good news is, there are a few online freelance platforms that are completely focused towards Scientists, PhD’s and subject experts.

Freelancing is not limited to Information Technology only. Whether you are a Scientist, an Agriculture expert, a Professor or a Biologist, you can still multiply your source of income by working as a freelancer. Your contributions will bring further innovations your area of expertise. The more you share your expertise and knowledge, the better. And you also get rewarded for it. Basically, it’s a win-win.

In this guide, we will primarily be talking about specific freelance platforms that PhDs and scientists can take advantage of.

List of Freelancing Websites for Scientists and PhDs

Here’s a list of freelancing websites that PhDs and subject matter experts can join and earn money from:

  1. Kolabtree

    Kolabtree is the most popular freelance platform that allows industry experts to enroll as freelancer and earn money with their skills. It connects businesses from all over the world with industry experts to collaborate with them. Kolabtree company is based in London, England.


    The platform is trusted by major brands including VolksWagen and Peterson’s. As an expert, you can work on projects ranging from medical writing, data science, scientific writing, statistical analysis, literature research and much more. You research can help develop a revolutionary medical device, design a statistical study or even design a clinical trial.

    Kolabtree pays its freelancers via Payoneer.

    Create a Payoneer account and Earn free $25

    Join Kolabtree Here

  2. is one of the world’s best micro-consulting companies. The sole purpose of Maven is to connect biggest researches with knowledgeable professionals. As an expert, you get paid for short interactions that may include: telephone consultations, electronic surveys, face-to-face meetings and workshops. They have over 10,000 projects already completed with many more coming in the future.

    Maven pays its experts handsomely. Even for 10-minute surveys you can expect to earn around $50 to $100.

    Maven hires consultants from many areas of specialization. Those include engineers, AI specialists, biologists, scientists, doctors, agriculture experts etc. The best part is, you don’t have to quit your primary job to work for Maven. It’s more like part-time consulting with amazing rewards.

    Payments are made via Paypal or direct Bank transfer. Processing of the payments takes place twice a month.

    Join Maven Here

  3. Upwork

    Upwork is one of the biggest freelancing platforms in the world. It’s basically a global freelance platform that doesn’t specialize in any particular field. In fact, most of the projects on Upwork are related to Information Technology.

    However, Upwork covers a lot of other domains including Scientific research, Research writing, Tutoring and many more. Upwork has a whole section dedicated to Science related projects.

    An an expert, you can easily join the platform, create your profile and showcase your previous research projects. Once your profile is complete, you can start applying for projects related to your area of expertise. Being a PhD holder will be a plus.

    Upwork pays via a number of payment methods including Payoneer, Paypal and Wire Transfer.

    Join Upwork Here

  4. Fiverr

    Fiverr is the world’s largest freelance services marketplace that’s available in all countries. It allows you to create Gigs that buyers may be looking for. For example, if you are good at scientific writing that you can offer that service as a gig. Any company or individual looking for the particular skill can hire you through your gig.

    Fiverr is the easiest and most effective platform for earning money online. The best part is, you can create a gig about anything you can think of. If you’re good at something, just offer it as a service. That’s the whole idea.


    To start with Fiverr, you need to create an account and almost immediately, you can create your first gig. Moreover, try to fill as as much details as possible about the service you’re offering. Whether it’s scientific writing, conducting a research, or statistical analysis, make sure you are conveying all the important details the buyer needs to know.

    At Fiverr, your feedback rating matters the most. The higher your feedback rating is, the more likely you will get more orders.

    Fiverr pays through Payoneer and Paypal.

    Join Fiverr Here

These are the most authentic freelance platforms that you can blindly trust to pay you on time. We will keep on adding more to the list as we discover them.

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