10 Freelance Writing Websites that Pay Upfront

10 Freelance Writing Websites that Pay Upfront

Do you enjoy writing and want to use your skills for earning money? You can absolutely do that if you apply on the right platforms. Some freelance writing websites hire content writers and pay them upfront for every article they publish. I mean who doesn’t want to work and get paid instantly right?

These companies are always looking for writers who can create content for their website. Many of them are Startups demanding quality and audience-specific, written content.

Don’t panic if you’re a Newbie at content writing. If your written English is good and you can write stuff that’s grammatically correct then you can start your career as a content writer.

List of Freelance Writing Sites That Pay Instantly

We have shortlisted a number of websites that pay you upfront, instantly. That means you don’t have to wait for a whole month to see how much you’ve earned from your content.

You will know exactly how much you will earn for each article you write beforehand. Once you complete your writing gig, these companies will pay you right away.

Here’s the list of websites we have chosen for this guide:

  1. ContentRunner

    Content runner allows you to price your articles yourself. If your article is a complicated one and used a lot of research, you can set it’s cost accordingly. It allows users the flexibility to earn, not by the count of words, but by its quality.
    Once your work is accepted by a Client, you will get the payment of your article right away. ContentRunner does however charge a fee, once you earn money for your article. The scale of charges varies according to the amount you’re earning, with the minimum fee charged is 15% of your earning. Once a writer becomes experienced and starts earning an amount greater than $500, the fee percentage gets reduced.

    Payment Details

    Content runner pays via Paypal. Writers who have secured $30 or more in a week will be paid every Tuesday; otherwise payment will be sent the next Tuesday. CLICK HERE TO JOIN CONTENTRUNNER

  2. WriterAccess

    Writer’s access demands experienced writers in new Zealand, Canada, Ireland, UK, Australia, and South Africa to write for different agencies and clients. You can apply to work as a Writer, Translator or Editor freelancer at WriterAccess. You can start earning once you build your profile on the writer’s access. The higher your feedback rating is, the more earning potential you will have.
    To be a part of WriterAccess’s freelancing team, the users must first take a proficiency test. The best thing about this platform is you can choose to work for the jobs that suit you.

    Payment Details

    The website allows writers to earn 70% of the earnings while 30% of it goes to WriterAccess. You will get paid every two weeks once you have completed all your work within the deadlines. You can choose to work on a flat-rate fee, hourly wage or a fixed price. They pay via Paypal. CLICK HERE TO JOIN WRITERACCESS

  3. Verblio

    Verblio allows writers to browse through many writing jobs available on their platform. You can select the job according to your writing style from a wide array of topics. Beginners have complete short form jobs and after getting good reviews and a good star rating, they can proceed to higher-paying jobs.
    You can also find a client that wants to work long-term with you. Verblio has different charges for different kinds of content so you can choose from a wide range of writing opportunities, be it article writing, blog content, or newsletter.

    Payment Details

    Verblio allows writers to select a payment plan. Pay starts at $10.50 for a 300-400 word post and it keeps increasing for longer articles. They pay via Paypal every Monday. CLICK HERE TO JOIN VERBLIO

  4. Scripted

    Scripted is one of the best and most reliable platforms for content writers. And if it’s not enough, their pay rates are really high compared to other similar platforms. You can create your own Portfolio on scripted and put your sample projects in it.
    There is a wide variety of subjects you can choose to write for. You can always opt for the topics you’re strong at. New assignments are available every day and there’s plenty of work for everyone.

    Payment Details

    You will be paid 5 days after you have completed an assignment. When you get enough experience, you can also qualify for partial payments on rejected assignments. Payment method is Stripe. CLICK HERE TO JOIN SCRIPTED

  5. GetACopyWriter

    GetACopyWriter.com is another great freelance writing platform that allows people from all over the world to apply and work for them. Their criteria is a bit strict, however, and they claim to approve around 20% of the applications.
    If you’re good at writing, you can very easily get in the top 20%. They provide you an online text editor where you can write and publish the articles easily. It’s a good opportunity if you want to establish your online portfolio while earning a decent income.

    Payment Details

    You will be paid one week after you complete an order. They pay automatically on every Friday. Payment methods include Paypal, Bill.com or Transferwise. CLICK HERE TO JOIN GETACOPYWRITER

  6. SkyWord

    If you’re a subject matter expert, a creative writer, journalist, or graphics designer, you can work for Skyword and earn a good income from it. Skyword allows you to create all sorts of Social media content for their clients. It may be blog posts, animations, social media posts etc.
    You will actually be working for Fortune 500 companies that are on their portfolio. Hundreds of content creation opportunities are posted on the platform every month.

    Payment Details

    Each channel on Skyword determines its own pay rate. Detailed information about payment rates is provided after approval of your profile. Skyword pays via Paypal. CLICK HERE TO JOIN SKYWORD

  7. ClearVoice

    The first step after joining ClearVoice is to create your CV. The CV is basically your online portfolio that is you can share with potential clients. You can create your CV very easily with their intuitive web-based tool. You can even add your desired roles, for instance, you can add role as a Content writer, Graphics designer, Editor, etc.
    ClearVoice lets you choose your own Payment rate. Once your assignment is approved you will be paid instantly.

    Payment Details

    Writers are paid as soon as their assignment gets accepted. The payment method is Paypal. CLICK HERE TO JOIN CLEARVOICE

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  8. Quietly

    Quietly is an online Content marketing agency that offers content marketing services to clients all over the globe. They hire freelance writers to work for their clients and help with their brand awareness campaigns.
    Once you complete your profile, it will be matched against the potential projects. If there’s a match, you will be briefed about the assignment and all the required deliverables.

    Payment Details

    Quietly pays on a bi-monthly basis. You will be required to submit an invoice for the work you’ve done and it will be paid every month. They pay via Paypal, Bank Transfer, and Check. CLICK HERE TO JOIN QUIET.LY

  9. iWriter

    iWriter is an upfront paying freelance platform with over 35,000 writers working for them currently. Don’t panic by the huge number of the workforce because they have hundreds of writing assignments available every month.
    As a writer, you can choose the topics you want to write for. You can even build your own client base through this platform.

    Payment Details

    iWriter pays up to $80 for 500 words. It will be much lower when you join them but the pay rate will keep improving as you gain more experience. Payments are sent every Tuesday. Their supported payment method is Paypal. CLICK HERE TO JOIN IWRITER

  10. TextBroker

    If you’re looking for a Freelance company that pays a fixed payment for your writing assignments and you want a steady flow of writing assignments then TextBroker is the right platform for you. Your earning potential totally depends on your feedback rating. Clients rate the writers from 2 to 5 stars. 5 stars meaning the maximum pay rate per word.

    Payment Details

    TextBroker pays its writers weekly through Paypal. You can request a payment once you’ve accumulated $10 or more in your account. CLICK HERE TO JOIN TEXTBROKER

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