9 Platforms that Offer Remote Internships Globally

Global Remote Internships Platforms

The global jobs industry has changed quickly after the pandemic. Many businesses have been shut down or downsized to a small number of employees. A lot of companies have shifted their job model to full-time remote work. This guide is about sharing online platforms that are offering remote internships on a global scale.

If you belong to a developing country, you obviously know the importance of having a full-time job that pays well. If you’re just starting your career, it is equally important to start with an internship that is recognized globally. Unfortunately, most of the people in under-developed countries are deprived of such opportunities.

Thanks to the recent advancements in the tech industry, many companies have started offering global remote internship opportunities to students worldwide. That means, you can apply from anywhere. You only need to have a computer with an internet connection to work as an intern. Who knows, the company might even offer you a job after your internship period completes.

This really can be an opportunity of a lifetime. Better start now.

List of Companies that Offer Remote Internships

Here’s a list of some popular online platforms where you can find global remote internship opportunities and earn completion certificates to add to your CV:

  1. Forage

    Forage is a portal where companies post their virtual training programs. Any one can apply for their self-paced virtual internships.This is a great way to experience professional work environment while at home. Learn about the latest tools and methods being used by some of the top companies.

    Forage Internships

    You can browse internship opportunities from a list of categories like technology, law, business and more. Companies like Microsoft and Accenture also offer their training programs through the internship portal. This is a great way to learn new skills.You can start applying by creating your account on Forage. Once the registration is complete, you can apply for any program you like. JOIN HERE

  2. Chegg Internships

    Chegg offers a forum where you can search internships according to your preferences. Students can search for remote internships very easily through the web interface. Most of the opportunities are U.S. based but many companies also hire students from other countries.

    Chegg Internships

    To apply for any internship on Chegg, you must first register your account. After that, you can search for your desired internships in your area of expertise. Apply to a company of your choice and wait for their interview call. JOIN HERE

  3. Google

    The biggest tech giant in the world is also offering internship opportunities in various locations. There are opportunities in information technology, software development and project management. Students have the opportunity to work on real projects and work with industry mentors.

    Google Internships

    The internship opportunities on Google have different application windows and locations. You should check out the website from time to time to make sure you don’t miss out. Once you have selected your desired role, follow the guidelines given under the job to apply. JOIN HERE

  4. Michigan State University

    The Michigan University in the US is offering global virtual internship programs. They allow students to secure placements with some of the best organizations in the world. Opportunities are offered in variety of areas like graphic design, business, public relations, IT, writing and more.These opportunities allows students get international work exposure. You will be required to dedicate 15-20 hours per week for this internship if you manage to secure one.

    To apply for these internships, you must first check out their eligibility criteria and deadline. If you  are eligible to apply, simply click on the Apply button below and register yourself. JOIN HERE

  5. Facebook Careers

    Facebook University is another great internship forum for students. The platform allows underrepresented people to explore work at Facebook. It is an eight-week program that offers experience in engineering, analytics, product design, sales and more.

    Currently the Facebook engineering internship is open. It is a paid, eight-week program in which you will be mentored by a Facebook engineer. The program will give internees a valuable training experience in iOS and Android development. You can go on the website to apply for the program of your choice. Also remember to check out the application requirements before applying for the program. JOIN HERE

  6. Symba

    Symba is an online platform that helps connect companies around the world with interns remotely. The company has currently partnered with PayOurInterns to provide internships for students during the pandemic. It collaborates with companies around the world to create remote internship programs.


    You can register yourself as an intern on their website by filling a form and applying for any opportunities you come across. Symba will then match you up with the company that suites your qualifications. JOIN HERE

  7. Dicky Center

    Dicky center offers internship opportunity for college undergrads. It offers multiple opportunities for students to interact with the world. Students can also create their own experiences by choosing the organization based on their skills and interests. The opportunity aims to create a valuable cross culture experience for interns.

    Students can apply for the program by completing their application form. You will be required to submit your CV, supervisor statement and letter of recommendation. Moreover, you will also need to provide budget request. Generally the maximum funding is $1500 but if your expenses are higher, you can explain it in your application. JOIN HERE

  8. International Rescue Committee (IRC)

    The International Rescue Committee is offering a volunteer online internship for recent graduates as well as current students. It offers students an experience to apply their skills to the real word applications. Interns are required to have strong communication skills, Microsoft Office literacy, teamwork, organization skills and 2 years of undergraduate experience.

    The internship duration is of 4 to 6 months. IRC offers schedule flexibility for students. You can avail time off for midterms, school holidays and other educational commitments. IRC accepts applications for a spring term and fall term. You can apply during these windows by going on their website. JOIN HERE

  9. Data Science Institute

    World Data Science is a research institute that offers data science education and services to companies. You can also apply for their internships which are available in different time windows.

    World Data Science Internships

    Check out the website to know about the upcoming cohort. World Data Science offers many opportunities for potential data scientists, machine learning engineers, data analysts, data security etc. JOIN HERE

    As a student, you can take advantage of these amazing organizations and become part of the virtual experience programs. Online internships are a great way to explore your field in the global work industry.

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