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3 Simple Ways to find Remote Jobs online

Simple ways to find remote jobs online

Finding remote work is not as easy as it sounds. You have to go the extra mile for getting what you really want out of the job search engines. There are a few very simple ways to find remote jobs online. What you need is a bit of patience and a bit of technique.

The remote jobs industry is growing at a fast rate, especially after the pandemic outbreak. More and more companies are inclined towards hiring employees remotely. Some companies have even realized the benefit of having remote teams. It allows for a considerable amount of cost-cutting for business and flexibility on the employee’s part.

The biggest winners here are the skilled workers from underdeveloped countries. Because of this new trend, they now have a chance at becoming a part of the global corporate industry right from their homes. To do a job remotely, all you need is a good internet connection with a capable computer system.

How to find Remote Jobs online?

Many remote job opportunities might have passed right under your nose without you realizing it. They are distinctly searchable among all other jobs. You just need to do a bit of filtering to find them. Here are three easy ways to find remote jobs online:

  1. Google Dorks / Queries

    You can easily search for remote jobs on google by using a specialized query syntax that’s not commonly used. Let’s say you need to find work from home opportunities related to the “Accounting” field. To search for such jobs, you can use different variations of this syntax:

    Google remote work from home jobs

    The intitle property specifies the text that should be included in the title of the web page. The intext property specifies the text that needs to included in the text of the web page. With this simple technique, you can find such jobs very quickly.

    You can try different variations for the search string including:

    Find Software Development jobsintitle:”software engineer” intext:”work from home” job
    Find a job globallyintitle:”software engineer” intext:”remote” intext:”global” job
    Find a remote job in your areaintitle:”software engineer” intext:”San Francisco” job

    Google also lets you sort the search result with the Search Tools filter. You can easily check for the most recent jobs posted.

  2. Searching on is one of the biggest job search engines available on the web. It’s gotten so big that it has different job search portals for almost every country. If you type “” on your web browser, you will automatically be redirected to your country-specific sub-domain.

    There’s one easy hack for finding remote jobs on Indeed. All you have to do is type remote in the “Where” field. In the “What” field simply type the job role you’re searching for. For example, if you want to search for a remote job in the software industry, here’s how to do it:

    Remote jobs on Indeed

  3. Searching on Remote Job Platforms

    The good news is, there are different online platforms that are dedicated to employers that offer remote jobs. Most of the opportunities are available for global candidates. In other words, you can apply from anywhere in the world. Some of these websites require you to create a profile. Others are just job boards that aggregate and display jobs from all over the web.

    Here are the most popular and reliable remote job websites where you can apply:

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  1. I am due to retire next month. I am from India. Your valuable tips have really opened new avenues for me. I very thank you for your tips and hints.

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