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Get Paid to Browse the Web with these Browsers and Extensions

Get paid to browse the web

If you’re looking for some side income or just some extra spending money to treat yourself without doing any extra work then this guide will show you how to get paid by browsing the web with specific Web browsers and Extensions.

This is one of the most reliable ways to generate passive income. All you need to do is install a web browser or a browser extension and start stumbling upon your daily websites. After some time, you will notice that you have gathered a good amount of money just by using the internet.

By installing a web browser, you have to ensure that you have enabled the earning option. Otherwise, it will operate just like a normal web browser and you won’t be making any money.

Web Browsers and Extensions that Pay

Here’s the list of browsers and extensions that you can install to get paid for your daily browsing activities:

  1. Brave Browser

    Brave is a browser that you can install on your computer or even your phone to browse the internet while also earning some cryptocurrency. Brave users can earn money in the form of BAT (Basic Attention Token) which they get in exchange for viewing anonymous ads. These ads can be viewed as push notifications on the browser. When you view the ads, crypto rewards are added to your wallet which is built inside the browser.

    You can also earn BAT rewards by creating content. If you are a YouTuber, blogger, etc, your followers can make BAT donations to your website. Additionally, new users also get automatic BAT rewards when they install the brave browser. The amount of money you can earn from brave browser depends on how much you browse the internet on daily basis.

  2. is a site that allows users to earn side cash by completing some simple tasks. There are multiple ways a user can earn money. Once you create your account and log in, you will be able to watch videos on your dashboard and earn monetary rewards for that. The second option is to earn by adding the extension to your browser which rewards you for visiting certain websites assigned by Moreover, by installing the extension you get more videos to watch and earn rewards.

    Lastly, users can also earn through the a referral program that allows you to earn money by recommending a friend to use the website.

    Users get actual money in their account which they can easily withdraw.

  3.  Swash App

    Swash is an app that allows users to earn money in the form of cryptocurrency (SWASH coin) for browsing the internet. It collects your data but also pays you for it.

    You can simply install the browser plugin on chrome, firefox, brave, or edge and continue with your everyday browsing while earning money for it.  Swash rewards its users in the form of coins which you can check in your wallet and then withdraw your earnings via a crypto exchange.

  4. Cirus

    Cirus is a web extension that allows you to earn crypto in exchange for surfing the web. The extension takes your location data and gives you crypto in return. Currently, the extension is available for Chrome browsers only, however it will be available for other browsers in the future. The best part about Cirus is that it does not tell users to disable ad-blocking to view ads and earn money. In fact, it allows users to continue using the internet as they already do.

  5. Upvoice

    Up voice is a site that rewards surfers for surfing the internet in their usual ways. It pays users for visiting social media platforms like youtube, Facebook, etc.. Users simply need to add the up voice extension to their browsers and then visit at least one of the mentioned social media platforms once a day. In return, users get rewards that can be exchanged for e-gift cards.

    Up voice works by collecting your data to help companies in their marketing strategies. You can also cash out rewards through Paypal and Visa.

    In conclusion, these sites are legit and offer good rewards for users for simple tasks such as browsing, viewing ads, and videos. You can earn rewards in the form of actual money or crypto.


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