make money as CV writer

How to make money as a CV writer online: 5 Websites that Pay

CV writing and Resume writing are very underrated skills, specially on freelancing platforms like Upwork and PeoplePerHour. As a Resume writer, you can easily earn up to $4000 per month without putting extra work. In this guide, we have shared a number of websites that you can join and earn money by writing CVs.

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Earn money by writing newsletters on Substack

How to Earn Money from your Writing and Newsletters on SubStack

Substack is a one of a kind platform that allows you to write content, publish a newsletter and earn money by making followers. The platform is completely free to use and very intuitive. The amount of money you can earn depends on the number of paid subscribers you have.

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Get started as content creator on Wondr

How to get Started as a Content Creator with WONDR

Wondr is an excellent platform for creating social impact in the world by building communities and engaging with them. The platform also lets you earn income by increasing your subscribers and growing your community. Read more on how to get started.

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Make Money Writing Book Reviews

How to Make Money Writing Book Reviews: 9 Websites that Pay

If you are a passionate reader that loves to talk about books, there are many opportunities to get paid to review books online. Here is a list of companies that are hiring book reviewers and pay them between $10-$60 per review.

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Make Money as Academic Writer online

Make Money with Academic Writing Skills: 9 Websites where you can Apply

As an educator, there are many online earning opportunities where you can utilize your skills to build a full time freelancing career. Here is a list of companies that are hiring academic writers and pay them between $150-$300 per article.

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How to sell your tv show idea

How to Sell your TV show Idea online: A List of 14 Companies

Do you have a brilliant idea for a TV show in your mind? It’s time to put it to paper because it can be worth millions. You can easily sell your TV show pitch to a number of outstanding production companies that operate on global level. Even if your script belongs to a specific genre, most of these companies support all types of genres.

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websites to make money writing songs and lyrics

Make Money Writing Songs and Lyrics: 6 Websites that Pay

Do you have what it takes to be a professional songwriter? There are a number of online platforms where you can make money writing songs…

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Make Money as a Greeting Card Writer

Make Money as a Greeting Card Writer: 7 Websites that Pay

If you have a way with words then here’s a perfect opportunity to become a greeting card writer. Here’s a list of 7 card companies that are accepting card writings online. Writers can earn as much as $300 per submission.

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earn money as tech writer

Make money as a Technology Writer: 8 Websites that Pay

Love writing about technology topics like Cloud Computing, AI, React.js and Node.js, Sass etc.? Well here’s a chance to write for popular tech platforms including Sitepoint, Auth0, Plesk and a few others and get paid for your content. You will be helping other people get acquainted with latest technology while earning global recognition and compensation for your work.

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Make Money Online Writing Short Stories

Make Money Writing Short Stories: 9 Websites that Pay

If you have a knack for writing stories, poems and fiction, you can actually apply for some of the popular online magazines publications that hire story writers and pay them for every story that gets published. You will have to read the instructions carefully and comply with all requirements before submitting your stories. You can actually earn a decent income from your short stories.

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