WordsRated Pays up to $200 for every Book you Read

As a bibliophile, you can make a lot of money by turning your passion for reading into a side gig. WordsRated hires readers like you to earn money by reading books and answering questions for research purposes.

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Freelance platforms for PhDs and Scientists

4 Freelance Platforms for PhDs, Scientists and Industry Experts

Most scientists and PhD holders are not aware of freelancing platforms that they can utilize to multiply their income. As a researcher, not only you can make money in your spare time but also help bring innovations in your area of specialization. This guide shares a list of freelance websites that you can join and make money with.

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Tokyo Academics Online Tutor

Tokyo Academics is Hiring Online Tutors in Multiple Subjects

Tokyo Academics is an international organization that connects online tutors with students via their platform. As a tutor, you can teach any subject and earn around $45 per hour. Payments are made once a month via Transferwise.

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Work for Side hustle as Language Tutor

How to work for Side Hustles as a Language Tutor

Language tutoring can be a great side hustle, especially if you good at teaching. It can be equally or more rewarding then conventional teaching jobs. Online tutoring also gives you the flexibility to work on your own schedule.

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How to Earn up to $7k Monthly as an Online Tutor on StudyPool

How to Earn up to $7k monthly as an Online Tutor on StudyPool

Studypool is an online tutoring platform that is gaining a lot of attention lately. It offers a great option for people to help other students with their coursework and earn some side-income during the process. Some of the best experts at Studypool earn around $7k per month.

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Earn money solving math problems on Photomath

Earn Money by Solving Math Problems on Photomath

PhotoMath is a revolutionary mobile app that allows students and users to have all sorts of math problems solved by experts. As a Math expert, you can also join the platform and earn money for helping people solve complex mathematical problems.

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Make Money as Academic Writer online

Make Money with Academic Writing Skills: 9 Websites where you can Apply

As an educator, there are many online earning opportunities where you can utilize your skills to build a full time freelancing career. Here is a list of companies that are hiring academic writers and pay them between $150-$300 per article.

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Earn money by teaching English online

Earn Money by Teaching English Online: A List of 8 Websites

If you have good English reading, writing and speaking skills then you can utilize your skills to build a full-time career out of it. There are a number of companies that hire online teachers to teach English and pay anywhere between $15 and $40 per hour.

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Websites for Lawyer Make Money Online

6 Ways for Lawyers and Legal Experts to Make Money Online

Do you know how easy it is to start an online career as a Freelance lawyer? As a legal expert, you can join a number of platforms where you can get paid for your legal expertise. All you need to get yourself working is a PC with an Internet connection. You can set your own schedule and work on multiple freelance projects at a time.

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Earn money with Mathematical skills

Make Money with your Mathematical Skills: 5 Websites that Pay

If you’re exceptionally good at Mathematics, you can use your expertise to earn a stable income for yourself. Even if you can’t get a job that matches your skills, there are a number of online platforms that you can join and teach students online. Some of them even pay you to solve real mathematical problems. Read this guide to know exactly how to do it.

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