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Earn Money by Solving Math Problems on Photomath

Earn money solving math problems on Photomath

Are you someone who takes joy in math or do you consider yourself strong in math? Then here’s the good news. You can use your math skills to earn money by solving math problems.

The app we are talking about is known as PhotoMath. If you are a Math geek that you’ve probably heard about it. Students usually use this app to get answers to almost all Math problems.

This also creates an opportunity for Mathematics experts to help those students and earn cash rewards in return. Sounds to good to be true right? Keep reading.

What is PhotoMath

Photomath is a math app that allows students to upload a photo of their math problem and find a complete step-by-step solution to the problem.

The app’s detailed and easy-to-understand solutions have made it one of the most downloaded apps on the app store. The app covers mathematical problems from beginner level to super complex ones. Photomath is an award-winning app that has become very popular among students.

As a Math Pro, you can join their team of experts. Photomath hires experts in Algebra, elementary math, geometry, calculus, and statistics. You can pick any category you feel you are proficient in. You can also pick problems to solve according to your level of comfort. With Photomath, you can easily earn up to 300USD per week.

How to Earn Money on PhotoMath

To start earning on Photomath, first of all, you should be at least 18 years old. Users cannot to be a part of the Photomath experts team if they are underage.

If you meet the initial requirement, you can go ahead to the link shared below and sign-up for an account to become a Photomath expert. You will need to provide some credentials and personal details, after which you will be registered on the Photomath marketplace.

Test and Qualification

The next step will be to start your training. To qualify for earning, Photmath requires users to pass some preliminary tests and exams that verify the user’s math skills.

For each math category, you will have to take four tests. The first one is a test called the “Qualifications Course”. This course will test your English proficiency and basic solving skills for the category of math you have chosen.

Once you have passed this test, you move on to the next part which is the “Teaching Skill” test. The third part is the training section which is also the longest one. This section will consist of several courses and tests that check your skill for the category you have chosen.

After completing this section, you will proceed to the Final test which makes you a member of the team. The tests will take around 2 hours to complete whereas the training process will take around 6 hours.

Passing the initial tests is necessary to start earning on Photomath, however, if you are not successful on the first try, you can try again for each of the test sections. You can take the English Proficiency test a maximum of 5 times, the Qualification test 6 times, the Teaching skill test 3 times, Training exams 3 times, and the final test 3 times.

Once you have successfully become a Math expert on Photomath, you will be able to see potential tasks in your Dashboard. You can select any of the tasks and complete them to earn money.

Technical Requirements

To complete your tests and training process, it is recommended to use Google Chrome on a desktop, however, a smartphone may also be suitable for some level of tests, but it is not recommended due to greater chances of technical problems.

If you face any difficulties in the procedure, you can also contact the tech support at Photomath or seek help from the Photomath community on Reddit.

Payment Details

You will earn according to the number of tasks you complete, be it solving math problems or reviewing other math expert’s solutions. The earnings depend upon the number of tasks completed as well as their difficulty level and the category to which they belong. With Photomath, users can earn more than 300 USD per week.

Users also receive an extra $20 on their first payment as compensation for the training time. You can also receive a bonus for some math problems that may require some visual content. This bonus will depend on the quality of visual content provided as well as the difficulty level of the problem.

Photomath processes payments on a weekly basis. You can draw your payments through online payment gateways which you will provide prior to starting your work on Photomath, such as Payoneer or Paypal.

Final Verdict

Photomath is a legitimate company that offers math geeks a great opportunity to earn a side income that requires a few hours of time, a laptop, and a good explanation skill. You can step up the earnings ladder as you complete more and more tasks of a higher difficulty level.


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