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WordsRated Pays up to $200 for every Book you Read


Are you a book lover and want to make money doing what you love the most? is offering an opportunity for bibliophiles to read books and earn money through their passion!

What is WordsRated?

WordsRated is a research-based organization that conducts research on books, literature, and the entire book industry by collecting and analyzing related data. It collects data on these subjects along with customer feedback and acts as a source of information for the not for profit organizations.

It has a lot of information like statistics from books, research studies, and tools for helping students navigate issues in the industry. All this research requires reliable data from real people and customers, hence WordsRated offers opportunities to earn side cash. Read ahead to know how you can earn through this company by reading books.

How it Works:

WordsRated pays people to read books. It names the position as Bibliophile-at-large. The company is looking for people who can easily skim through hundreds of pages and note important details. The details required are a count of characters by gender, sentences dedicated to each character by gender, locations in the story, animals appearing in the book, and questions asked in it.

The eligibility criteria for the job requires that the person must be over 18 years old and should have an interest in reading. A good internet connection and proficiency in English are a must. Participants can work flexibly from anywhere on their own time.

How to Get Started

WordsRated hires people from all over the world since it’s a remote company.

  1. To get started as a bibliophile-at-large, you have to fill out a form that registers you HERE. Start by filling in details like name, location, and contact details. You also have to mention your top three favorite books and their authors.
  2. Aside from this, you will also be prompted to tell the company why they should select you for this role. Think of it as a cover letter when applying to any company.
  3. After your form submission, you can wait to hear back from the company. Only those who are selected for the role will be notified.

How they Pay

WordsRated offers $200 for each book read. There is no limit to the number of books you read. A person can read a book per month or a book a day. The sky is the limit!


WordsRated offers a good opportunity for book lovers to earn some extra income by doing what they love. The amount offered is pretty decent which can help you earn either side cash or even opt for this opportunity as a full-time job.

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