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How to Earn up to $7k monthly as an Online Tutor on StudyPool

How to Earn up to $7k Monthly as an Online Tutor on StudyPool

For many of us across the world, we have been forced into working remotely over the past year, with Covid-19 making it impossible to head into the office. If the idea of someday having to go back into the office doesn’t sound appealing to you, then consider making a career change to a full-time remote position.

Imagine, your commute could consist of simply opening your laptop or turning on your computer. You could choose where you work – be it that coffee shop you’ve always wanted to try (when they open back up). Or perhaps a foreign country you’ve always wanted to visit.

Remote work can open up so many doors, but admittedly, it can be difficult to break into a full-time remote position. Luckily, online tutoring is rapidly becoming a viable full-time remote option, with the earning potential becoming as attractive as the freedom it gives you.

The current pandemic, in addition to the constant evolution of affordable and accessible technology, has meant that more and more students are moving their education and studying sessions online. Remote and distance-based learning has never been more popular and Studypool offers the perfect opportunity to really capitalize on this.

What is StudyPool?

Studypool is an online platform that brings students and tutors together from all over the world in order to help further their studies and education. The company has over 10 million students, a number that is constantly rising.

With an increasing student base, and recent recommendations from Forbes, Dave Ramsey, and Nasdaq – now is the perfect time to join Studypool and convert your academic knowledge into serious earnings.

Great Perks

Working at Studypool takes away all the traditional headaches associated with starting a tutoring business. ‘Brick and mortar’ tutors have historically only been able to work around school hours and have had to source their own students.

Studypool takes care of all this leg work for you by:

  • Actively promoting your profile to students
  • Providing regular reports and evaluations
  • Rewarding strong performances with Subject Badges
  • Letting you create your own teaching schedule

Flexible Schedule

With questions being asked 24/7, you can truly work a schedule that suits you. You can dictate how many questions you work on, with there being no rules on how much or indeed how little you work. With that in mind, becoming a Studypool tutor is a fantastic option for those looking for a full-time profession, or those in search of a reliable and profitable side hustle.

High Earning Potential

Studypool offers really good earning potential, with the most successful tutors earning up to six figures. But your earnings will directly correlate with the amount of work that you undertake.

Studypool retains between 15-30% of the overall question cost as commission, which allows them to run the platform effectively. As your experience on the platform grows, you will begin to gain repeat students – this is the best way to ensure regular income – so always remember to show off your personality and skill set as much as possible

StudyPool Application Process

So, how to start tutoring at Studypool? The application process is straightforward and lets you show off your expertise easily. It’s designed as a springboard to help you hit the ground running and start working with students as soon as possible.

    1. First of all, head to and click on ‘Become a tutor’.studypool become a tutorstudypool how to become a tutor
    2. First, you need to fill in some basic information about yourself and any academic background you have. You will then expand your profile, by writing a small biography – something that you can use to show off why you think you will be a good tutor.It is important to note that a college degree or prior tutoring experience is not needed to be a successful Studypool tutor.
    3. You will then expand your profile further, writing a small biography – something that you can use to really show off why you think you will be a good tutor. Next are some short questions to showcase your subject knowledge. You can choose which questions to answer from a variety of subjects – from Math or Humanities to Computer Science and Engineering. These answers will then be evaluated and your profile will be rewarded with subject badges.
    4. After passing this stage, you will be free to use the platform at your own convenience. Student’s are looking for help 24/7, and although question volume does mirror the established school semesters, with the busiest times of year being around the Fall and Spring semesters, with more and more student’s online than ever before there has never been a better time to be a Studypool tutor.

Payment Details

Studypool pays its tutors through a variety of payment gateways like PayPal, Transferwise, Western Union, and Payoneer.

Click here to sign up on Payoneer and earn free $25

You can also have a check mailed to your address or do a direct deposit into your bank account.

Note that you will need to have a minimum of $50 in your balance to withdraw. Studypool ensures your payment protection. The company takes payment from the student when they post a question, and release it to you upon the successful completion of the question.

In short, becoming a Studypool tutor is a viable option for those looking for a full-time career change, or those in search of a reliable side hustle!

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