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Online Freelance Jobs

Virtual Assistant Job Platforms to work remotely

7 Virtual Assistant Job Platforms that let you Work Remotely

If you’re looking for virtual assistant jobs online then you’re in luck because there are a number of freelance platforms that hire remote workers to work for international clients. You can easily get paid up to $25 per hour providing virtual assistance services.

Bug Bounty platforms for earning money

9 Bug Bounty Platforms for Earning Quick Cash

Are you an ethical hacker with expertise in Website penetration testing? You can turn your skills into a decent income source working as a bug bounty hunter. For each vulnerability report you submit, you earn cash. Keep reading to know exactly how to do it.

Freelance Remote Jobs for the Disabled

Freelance Remote Jobs for the Disabled: 6 Websites for Finding Work

As a disabled person, it can be hard to find a full-time job that pays decently. However, there are some online platforms that offer remote jobs for people with disabilities. Some of these websites are for people located in the U.S. A couple of companies hire individuals globally. Read more to know about these companies.

Freelance video editing jobs

5 Websites for finding Online Video Editing Jobs

If you’re good at video editing you can easily build an online career by working for specific freelance platforms. This guide is aimed towards a number of online websites where you can find remote video editing work. Simply create your profile on these platforms and start getting job alerts.

Online Esports Jobs

Online eSports Jobs: 6 Websites where you can Apply

Do you love gaming and want to pursue a career in the eSports industry? You will be surprised to find out that there are multiple platforms where you can apply for eSports jobs. And the best thing is, you can start your jobs sitting at your home. There are tons of remote positions available that you can take,