How to get Office 365 Totally FREE for Students and Teachers

Office 365 for free

For all those who’ve always wanted to have Microsoft Office 365 but cannot afford to pay for it, Microsoft announced a very exciting opportunity that allows students and teachers to get Office 365 for free. The best part is there is no catch. All you need have is an e-mail address that belongs to your school or university’s web domain. There’s no deadline for this offer at the moment but it might be possible that it will end at a certain point. Those who are not familiar with Office 365 we have got you covered. We will explain how it works and the services you can get.

 What is Office 365?

There are 4 types of Office 365 plan options:

  • Business (Maximum of 300 users)
  • Enterprise (Unlimited number of users)
  • Education (Unlimited number of users)
  • Government (Unlimited number of users)

Here we are specifically talking about Office 365 for Education. This package has been customized according to specific needs of educational institutions and it offers a variety of services to enhance the productivity of students and teachers. Here are some salient features of the Free Office 365 plan:

  • Online Web versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, and Outlook
  • Desktop version of OneNote
  • Microsoft Teams, a digital platform that integrates the conversations, content, and apps your school requires to be more collaborative and engaged
  • Class and Staff notebooks
  • Professional Learning Community (PLC) groups
  • Self-grading quizzes with Forms
  • Digital storytelling with Sway
  • Inform and engage with communication sites and team sites throughout your intranet using SharePoint
  • Compliance solutions with a unified eDiscovery center
  • Rights management, data loss prevention, and encryption
  • Enterprise video service for creating, managing, and sharing videos in secure manner across an organization
  • App development without coding to extend business data quickly with custom web and mobile apps
  • Workflow automation in applications and services to automate business processes without writing code
  • Manage schedules and daily tasks with Microsoft StaffHub
  • Email with 50 GB mailbox capacity
  • File storage and sharing with unlimited OneDrive storage
  • Unlimited email storage with In-Place archiving
  • Advanced email with archiving and legal hold
  • HD video conferencing
  • Maximum number of users: unlimited

All these amazing services and features are worth the price when you buy Office 365 and imagine how great it would be if you get all these for free. In the next section we will show you how you can get your own Office 365 account at no cost what so ever.

How to Register for Free Office 365

We are going to walk you through the steps to get your Free Office 365. Keep in mind that we’re not talking about the trial version here that you can only use for a month. You will get the full version with all the features for unlimited time until your term at your school ends. Here’s how you get it:

  1. Visit this link: Office for Students, Teachers and Schools.
  2. Under the “Get Office 365 for free” heading enter your school’s e-mail address that’s been given to you. Remember, you won’t be able to get the offer if you submit an e-mail address other than your school’s (e.g Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo).
    Office 365 for free
  3. If your school or university is qualified to avail this opportunity then you will receive an e-mail regarding your free office 365 license.

Keep in mind that only registered schools and universities can avail this offer. If your school isn’t authorized yet, there’s still a way to register it for this great offer. Keep reading to know how.

What to do if your School isn’t registered?

Assuming your school / university isn’t registered to avail this offer there’s a way you can get it registered. If you’re in the Senior management of your school or if you work in the IT department, you can enroll your school by going to this link: Register your School and submitting the form after filling it accurately.

If you’re just a student or a teacher then you can ask your Principal or the Head of your school’s IT department to submit the form on behalf of your school. Once the registration process is complete your school will be authorized to get Office 365 for free. All students and teachers will then be able to apply by following the steps we explained above.

After all of this is done you can freely enjoy your very own Office 365. Don’t forget to share it with your colleagues.


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