Earn online by writing articles on iWriter

Earn online by writing articles on iWriter

 iWriter.com is an online platform that allows its users to purchase custom articles for their personal use, and allows writers to earn online by writing articles for other users to buy. iWriter belongs to a company called Bryxen software Inc. Their website was launched on 2011, and since then has been creating online content for users around the world. Both buyers and users can create their accounts on iWriter. However, the dashboards for both accounts will have different views.

Earn online by writing articles on iWriter


iWriter has two portals, a Client portal and a Writers portal. However since we are talking about the earning aspect of the website we will talk about the writers portal and see how it works.

Here’s a brief overview of the working of this website; The clients can order customized articles with given specifics such as Title of the article, length and how much they are willing to pay for it. And on the writers end, there is a list of  articles that the writer can choose from the ones that are not assigned to anyone yet. You can choose from a variety of topics from the list.

All the writers are rated by their clients according to the articles they write. The ratings are an average of all the clients reviews. So as a new user, having no ratings, you are only entitled to write articles that are not highlighted (will be explained below). The more quality articles you write, the better you get and the better you are rated. So to help you start your journey into the writing world of iwriter, we have assembled some simple steps to help you get started right away.


The first step is to get yourself registered as a writer. You do not need any previous experience to get registered. So here’s the LINK to get started.


Now that you have registered yourself, login to your account on the website. The login option will be on the upper left corner, as shown below.



Now that you have logged into to your account, you will be taken to your Dashboard. As you can see there are a lot of options here. Here you can see your ranking, inbox and balance. You start as a standard writer and as your number of accepted articles increase, your ranking will increase as well. Now to start off with your writing, click on the Write Content option on your dashboard.



You are now taken to another page, that allows you to find the projects you are interested in writing. Under the heading of Find Projects, you have options of selecting the type of content you want to write or the categories you’re interested in writing among others. You can choose to write articles in the index below.

As you can see below, these are examples of some projects. Here you can see under the Project Title, the subject of the article is given, along with the category, date posted and approval rate. The Approval rate should be taken into consideration when working on a client’s project. This approval rate shows how many articles the client has approved and how many they have rejected. If the approval rating is low, it is suggested that you do not work with this client. This is because most likely the client will reject you article and it would ultimately lower your ranking as a writer.

Now under the Project Info, you can check out the information of the article. The first thing that should catch your eye is Writer Type. The writer type tells you what kind of writer is the project meant for. There are 4 types of writers  namely Elite Plus, Elite, Premium and Standard. As a beginner, you cannot write articles that are highlighted, because that indicates higher ranking. In the beginning you start of as a standard writer, and so you are to select articles that have the writer type: standard.



As you browse through the articles, select an article on the basis of your writer type, approval rating and topic. The Project Info column gives information related to the articles such as the word count, earnings per article and most importantly time to complete.

After you have found an article you are interested in writing, click on the sign on the extreme left, next to the project. This is highlighted in the picture below. Clicking the sign will provide further information on the mechanics of the article. Here before starting you article, it is suggested to fist click on Special Instructions button below to find out what other instructions has the client given in order to write article. This will help you write better and improves your chances of getting approved. After checking out the instructions you can click on the Write article button.



As you click on Write Article, you will first be redirected to a grammar quiz which you have to pass in order to start writing the article. 7

After passing you will be taken to another window where you have to enter your Country and cell number, to verify your account. You will then receive an SMS on your cell with a 4 digit code that you have to punch in the next 5 minutes. Its looks like this:

verificationNow that your verification process is completed, you can click on Write Articles and get started!


Once you are done with the signup and verification process, there are some key things that a writer needs to know before working on an article.

  • Once you have accepted an article, you can easily cancel working on it, if you don’t wish to write it.
  • Plagiarism is not tolerated. The content of your article has to be genuine and not copied from any other place. iWriter performs Copyscape checks. Copyscape warning is given when the user submits plagiarized content. Repeated warnings will result in your account being blocked.
  • You need to be sure of your writing skills, because low quality writing would earn you bad reviews. And these bad reviews will lead to blocking of your account. Other answers to your questions can be sought HERE.


Payments from iWriter are made only though PayPal account. The minimum threshold for payments is $20. You can select your payment schedule as per your requirement. You can also change your payment setting to getting paid multiple times a week. There’s no restriction in changing your payment settings.


iWriter.com is a great platform for amateur writers. They let anyone write, with or without past experience. Thus it provides a good opportunity for new writers to earn online by writing articles and earn more as their approval rating increases. The website may not be as practical for clients seeking a more research extensive work, but it is quite a decent platform for writers. So you can become a pro by starting from the bottom and increasing your ratings. Good luck!

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