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5 Platforms for Content Creators to Earn Sustainable Income


Are you a content creator looking to build an stable online career? As a new creator it is always natural to be uncertain about potential earnings your content can generate. Well, fortunately, there are multiple platforms where you can earn sustainable income as a content creator.

In this guide we are going to discuss the simplest ways to make money from your content. If your work is more on the creative side that keeps people engaged or wanting more like funny videos or action comics, then this guide is for you.

You can actually earn money from your audience by offering them exclusive content in return for a small monthly subscription. If you have established a good following on your social media channels, you can encourage your followers into subscribing to a membership platform to support your work.

Income generating Platforms for Content Creators

Here are some online platforms where you can sell subscriptions and earn money with your content:

  1. Patreon

    Patreon is the most popular paid membership platform for creators. The platform helps content creators monetize their audience by offering exclusive content behind a paywall. As a creator, you can offer your subscribers additional content that other users cannot see if they don’t subscribe to it. Patreon caters to a variety of different creators like podcasters, visual creators, musicians, writers, gamers, etc.patreon

    To get started on Patreon, you have to first sign up for their creator account and then select one of their pricing packages. The packages contain a range of options on how to benefit from your audience, a variety of tools, and other support applications.

    Creators can also sell their merch through this platform. Design, customize, and sell your merch items effortlessly. The best part is, Patreon does all the work from the creation of merch from manufacturers to sell it online.

    How does Patreon pay?

    Patreon offers a range of different payment gateways for its creators. You can get funds transferred to your bank account via PayPal, Stripe, and Payoneer. It is also important to note that Patreon charges fees of 5%, 8%, and 12% of your monthly earnings depending on the pricing packages you choose.

  2. Podia

    Podia is an all in one marketing platform for selling your products, courses, and memberships online. It is a great alternative to Patreon since it offers a variety of different options for creators.podia

    This platform is especially great for people who want to offer downloadable content or sell courses. Podia is also well known for the tools it offers to its publishers. The main ones being email marketing, customer service, and website builder.

    To get started, sign up for the Podia creator account. You can then move forward and choose one of the two pricing packages. What’s great about this platform is that Podia charges its users a flat monthly fee. No matter how much you are earning, you will always be charged the same.

    The best part about this platform is that you can create your own membership packages for your audience. As a creator, you have the options to choose the monthly subscription fee, choose what you would like to share per subscription package, and more.

    How does Podia Pay?

    Podia pays its creators through PayPal and Stripe. Once the funds start coming, they will be directly deposited into your account.

  3. BuyMeACoffee

    BuyMeACoffee is a donation-based membership platform for creators and publishers. This app is especially popular among digital artists that can rely on their fans /audience for tips.BuyMeACoffee

    The platform offers a simple way to earn from your work. You can ask fans for tips with “Buy you a coffee” slogan; this allows one-off donations from anyone willing to tip you for your work. Or if you want a stable income, you can create monthly membership packages for your fans. These membership packages will allow you to share exclusive content with your fans.

    You can also make money by selling Extras. Extras are another creative way to sell your works like digital design, a music session, downloads, etc.

    How does BuyMeACoffee Pay?

    The company offers its creators two payment gateways namely, PayPal and Stripe. Your money will be deposited directly into your account without any thresholds. BuyMeACoffee only charges 5% transaction fees.

  4. Ko-Fi

    Ko-Fi is a monthly support platform for professionals like digital artists, podcasters, cosplayers, etc. The app helps fan support your work through tips, monthly memberships, and commissions.koi-fi

    Ko-Fi helps content creators earn from their works in a variety of different ways. As a creator, you can receive donations, sell your creative stuff, offer commissioned work, or build memberships. You can create monthly membership packages by offering exclusive content for your fans.

    The most unique part about joining Ko-Fi is that they do not take any fees. The company makes money only if creators subscribe to the company’s Gold package.

    How does Ko-Fi Pay?

    Ko-Fi pays its creators via PayPal and Stripe.

  5. SubscribeStar

    SubscribeStar is another paid subscription platform. This app is especially good for musicians, educators, and visual artists like gamers, vloggers, etc.subscribestar

    SubscribeStar is also great for discovering new talent. The audience can subscribe to a “Star” and enjoy exclusive content from the creators. Become a Star by signing up for an account through the link. The company charges its creators a flat 5% platform fee.

    How does SubscribeStar Pay?

    SubscribeStar pays its users through Bank Transfers (Wire, ACH). Currently, they do not support any other payment gateway. They also have a payment threshold. Once your balance hits $150, your payment will be released to your bank account.

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