5 Free Video Maker Tools for Online Marketing

free online video maker tools

With the growth of the internet and social media, online marketing has become crucial for many businesses. It’s the most reliable way to get customers and clients that match exactly with your business. The internet revolution has also stimulated the need for video maker tools for businesses to catapult their online marketing campaigns.

Besides images, flyers, and banners, a video clip that explains your services is likely to increase your viewership tremendously. An attractive clip with the right information has the power to boost your sales because users will prefer watching an intuitive video of your product rather than reading lengthy gibberish text.


List of the Best Free Video Maker Online Tools

We have compiled a list of the best online video making tools that are free for you to start creating your marketing content:

  1. FlexClip

    FlexClip is a web-based and easy-to-use video maker that helps everyone create professional-looking videos in just a few minutes, whether it is a product introduction video, a real estate ads video, a class tutorial video, a marketing video or a personal life video.
    It allows you to cut a clip from your video quickly and make it far more dynamic with the combination of text animations, photos, music, or voice-overs. Besides, with the wide selection of video templates for business and personal life, you can just choose one to replace it with your own video clips or photos to make a quick video like a pro of your own.
    It offers many types of stock videos, photos, and music tracks to meet your needs. Apart from its resources, FlexClip’s powerful editing tools help you take full control over the video appearance, background music, and more.


    Free Features of FlexClip

    Here are the features that you get with a Free Flexclip account:

    Resolution of Videos in Pixels480p
    Maximum number of Projects12
    Stock videos per Project1
    The maximum length of Videos1 minute
  2. Lumen5

    Lumen5 is another tool that allows you to make videos within minutes. Powered by A.I, Lumen5 guides you in your video making process by matching your content with the right pictures and templates so you can create an attractive video without any prior design experience.
    The algorithms can even determine the length of your video clip based on the number of words in a single scene and will even assist you in the positioning of elements.
    You can upload your script or simply put your blog link and Lumen5 will do the rest for you to pair your content with the visuals that match your product. Lumen5 allows you to use their platform free of cost. But you can opt for a paid plan of $19, $49, $149, or a custom plan as well.


    Free Features of Lumen5

    Resolution of Videos in Pixels480p
    Maximum number of Videos5 per month
    The maximum length of Videos2 minutes
    Maximum Size of Video clip50mb
  3. Rocketium

    Another awesome video creation tool that offers its users an easy to use interface to create videos online. With rocketing you can edit, snip, or customize your video clips and share them directly on different social media platforms. Again you don’t need any experience or have to be from a design background in order to create captivating videos.
    You can use their media library to choose from a wide variety of pictures, videos, and soundtracks for your clip, or you can upload and edit your own. There are also unique features available like video loop, playback speed, and auto-sizing.
    If you want to use rocketium for free you can opt for the basic plan which is free of cost and allows you to create three videos per month or you could choose one of the paid plans created especially for professionals, large businesses, and agencies. With a paid plan you have access to more features like creating HD videos, removing watermarks, etc.

    Free Features of Rocketium

    Resolution of Videos in Pixels720p
    Maximum number of Videos10
    Maximum length of Videos3 minutes
    Maximum Size of Video clipUnlimited
    Maximum Storage1gb
  4. Powtoon

    Powtoon was started by a group of four friends who realized that animation can be a tedious and difficult task for a complete beginner. With millions of users around the world, Powtoon is one of the best tools for creating animated clips.
    You can create an educational or promotional Powtoon using the pre-made graphics and templates on the website. And the good news is that they are available for free.
    You can use Powtoon for free for a 3-minute clip and 100MB storage. If you want more features and more storage, you can purchase the starter, pro, or the agency package. With these plans, you get features such as removal of the watermark, easy social media sharing, and flexibility in sizing.


    Free Features of Powtoon

    Resolution of Videos in PixelsFull HD
    Maximum length of Videos3 minutes
    Maximum Size of Video clipAnything below 100mb
    Maximum Storage100mb
  5. Adobe Spark Video

    The spark tools are a popular graphic design software by the very famous tech brand adobe. Adobe spark has been categorized into 3 packages, spark post, spark page, and spark video for making video graphics.
    These tools are used by all kinds of graphic designers, from amateurs to professionals. Adobe has a credible reputation among graphic designers all over the world.
    Using the easy drag and drop features of adobe, you can whip up a professional-looking video clip within a short time. You can sign up on adobe spark’s website to start using spark video for free. To avail more features such as watermark removal, you can purchase their paid plan which has an economical price of $9.99/month or $19.99 for a year!
    Adobe spark is also available on iOS and Android. You can use their app to create beautiful designs on the go!

    Adobe spark video

    Free Features of Adobe Spark Video

    Adobe Spark Video offers everything for free. You can create an unlimited number of videos with any length. However, some graphics and templates will only be available to premium plan buyers. As a free member, you will be limited to a few free templates.

Go ahead and start away with the latest video creation tools the Internet has to offer. And that too without any cost. You can always upgrade your membership when you feel that you need the advanced features.

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  1. These look good. Totally new to me buddy. I used a few over the years. Helps to have video makers in your blogging arsenal to spice things up a bit.

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