8 Free Tools for creating Online Presentations

Free Tools for Online Presentations

At some point in our lives, whether we’re still in school or already working in an office, we need to create slide-shows. We have compiled a list of the best free tools to create online presentations. We know that presentations are very important in education and corporate sectors. The manner of presenting and theme of the slide-show may vary. But the bottom-line is the presentation has to be crafted in such a way that the audience understands what is being discussed.

Presentations that are too wordy can bore people while ones that contain too many images and videos tend to be overwhelming, to the point that they no longer make sense. It also gives people the impression that the presenter does not know the topic and that’s a red flag right there.

There are many tools available on the internet that offer features to create interactive presentations. Some of the best ones have been chosen for this guide.

List of Free Presentation Apps

Here’s a list of the best free online presentation apps available on the web:


Canva Presentation

Fortunately, the online world is abundant with tools that allow us to create presentations that have the perfect balance of text and images. Canva Presentation proves itself a worthy contender because of all the features it offers and its user-friendly platform. With Canva, you can easily design stunning presentations that can engage your audience.

PowerPoint Online

Free PowerPoint Online

Surprise, surprise! PowerPoint has a free version and a lot of people are not aware of it yet. This is excellent for students who need to create presentations but do not have enough funds to pay for the subscription. It’s crucial to note though that this software is not meant for business. PowerPoint is still the front runner when it comes to creating presentations and a huge percentage of people are familiar with the commands and layout of the software. It can eventually be upgraded to premium if need be.

Google Slides

Google Slides

Coming in close second is Google Slides because its features allow people to collaborate on a presentation in real time. It’s also an excellent platform for those who wish to have a wider audience and have their presentations published online. The platform is cloud-based, and the settings can be changed for when it’s used online or offline. It also has templates that one can use to make elegant, premium, presentations.

Linkedin SlideShare


It may not be a software tool for creating presentations, but it’s still worth mentioning because people who want to share their presentations can use it. They can show their slides to a much wider, professional audience, and in the end of the day that’s what creating presentations is about. To be seen and heard. They can use tools to come up with the slides and then present it to the millions of business professionals who are on SlideShare.

Prezi Basic

Free Prezi

A non-linear approach and a graphic interface is what Prezi basic offers to its users. The highlight is on the zooming tool because it makes a huge difference when it comes to creating slides. Users can also access aids and tutorials to help them understand how Prezi Basic works.



Keynote is already present on Mac devices. Using Keynote relatively easy for Mac users. It’s easy to add images, text, and videos to the presentations and upgrading the software opens even more possibilities for the user, like collaborations and the like. Should there be any issues with Keynote, there’s a technical support crew on standby ready to assist you.

Zoho Show

Zoho Show

Albeit new, Zoho show is gaining popularity because its free version allows a maximum of twenty-five users to access it. The free version of the software offers features that allow teams to chat while using the app and to send files without compromising their security. There are also articles and tutorials available for those who find themselves lost while using Zoho Show.



FlowVella allows people to create presentations via their mobile devices. It allows easy incorporation of multimedia and other online content into the slides. A drag and drop feature is also available and presentations can easily be shared through the URL links. The free version only allows a maximum of ten slides. It is an excellent way to discipline users to make concise but interesting and informative slides.

Everything you need to create online presentations are available in these free tools. It boils down to knowing what to say and how to deliver the message in a powerful manner.

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