TTEC Hires Remote Customer Service Professionals Globally

TTEC Remote Customer Service Jobs

TTEC is a global provider of customer experience services with its Headquarters located in USA. The company offers job seekers an opportunity to work from home remotely as customer service professionals.

The organization deals in customer service, Computer and IT, consulting, marketing, and sales. As a professional, you have an opportunity to work in the field of your choice and interact with diverse people. Read ahead to learn more about the services and how you can become a part of  the global team of experts.

A Little Intro

TTEC is an American customer experience technology and service company that has its headquarters located in Englewood, Colorado. The company was founded by Kenneth D. Tuchman in 1982. It has multiple offices located in more than 20 countries. Percepta LLC, Teletech are its subsidiaries.

The company states its vision as adding humanity to business, building relationships between companies and people by simplifying interactions. TTEC has more than 50,000 employees all over the world and has customers from a wide variety of backgrounds. The aim is to provide support services to all kinds of clients.

TTEC has been rated as the top 100 work from home companies on Flex jobs. It has a current rating of 3.5 on Glassdoor.

The company also has a philanthropic aim of giving back to the community. Teletech started the Teletech community foundation in 2007, through which it claims to have donated more than $4000,000 to organizations working in community service and aided students in securing a better future. The company states its openness to diversity on its website.

TTEC home is a division of TTEC that allows its employees to work from home.  They provide a working opportunity through technological tools that allow employees to attain flexibility in their work. Workers get the latest TTEC technology to work and provide service to over 3.5 million clients.

How to to Join TTEC as a Remote Worker

To work for TTEC home division, employees need to have a high school diploma and be at least 17 years of age. As a part of TTEC, you will work under a team leader who will guide you and help you out with any queries you have. You will be able to work on projects that best suit your profile. These projects are subject to availability.

Jobseekers can also work from home in the technical support department. However, this job is available to select states of the USA only. The job consists of solving the customer’s technical problems.

To apply for a position of technical support, applicants should have two years of technical school experience or college experience. If you have prior experience in the technical field, it will be a plus point in applying. Applicants are also need to have good communication skills and be able to handle the pressure of resolving issues occurring in large volumes.

You can also apply for the health insurance agent and manager position. This requires a person who can interact with people effectively, and can understand their needs. The job requires speaking to customers about healthcare services, assist customers in deciding the best-suited healthcare plan for them, and respond to questions regarding health plans and drug formulas. The position of a health insurance agent or manager is also limited to selected states only. The position requires applicants to be licensed, have good communication skills and some experience in sales.


  • TTEC has bonuses for employees
  • Employees receive rewards depending on their performance
  • Employees get access to TTEC university courses to develop new skills
  • Exposure to communicating with customers of diverse backgrounds


Employees looking to work remotely are required to have access to a computer and internet. Do note that Apple/Mac products are not compatible with TTEC software and technology. Your internet connection should be hard-wired into your device. You cannot use wireless or hotspot with TTEC. A USB drive and a USB headset are also required.

You will work with a recruiter to find projects that will work with your ability and availability. And you will have a team leader/trainer who will answer any questions you have when you have them, or if you hit a technology snare. They already have a good understanding of the TTEC technology, including, the back-door functions, programs, apps, and other forms of communication that customers may require.

Application Details:

The application for TTEC requires you to add your personal information, skills and other prerequisites. You will also have to pass a few behavioral assessments and system assessments. If you get an email that you didn’t pass your assessment, you can apply again after a waiting period of 60 days. Applicants need to complete the application on the device they will be using for TTEC. This is because the application will also include some technical scans of your system, which are a prerequisite for the job. You will need to hardwire your computer to the router. The application form takes about one hour to complete.

After getting selected, you will be required to go through pre-employment screening including criminal records and drug screening.

After securing a job at TTEC, employees will undergo a mandatory training program, which will equip them with the skills required for the job.

To apply for a Remote Job at TTEC, CLICK HERE.

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