The Best 20 Blogs that have Shared Sources for Earning Money Online

Blogs that share sources earning money online

In this article round-up we have handpicked some of the best blog articles that have shared sources for earning money online. Our aim is to share those articles and sources with our readers so they can have even more opportunities and take advantage of the information posted on other popular blogs. If you really want to earn money online you cannot rely on just one source to get started. The fact is, working from home has become such a usual way of earning income these days that people are switching from their white-collar jobs to this lifestyle. Obviously everyone wants freedom and comfort in their work. If these web based jobs can pay as much as the physical ones then who wouldn’t give it a try?

Blogs that share sources earning money online

We have compiled a list of best blogs articles that have shared detailed information about online money making opportunities. We are posting all those articles with summaries here so you can find all of that information in once place:

1. 21 Legit ways to make money online –

This article by Forbes shares a list of 21 ways that users can learn to start generating their online income. Those ways include writing and selling e-books, selling audio-books, creating mobile applications, doing short tasks with Mechanical Turk, offering services on fiverr, doing different kinds of freelancing jobs, building a blog, email marketing, selling items on ebay, renting space on Airbnb and more. The article pretty much covers every aspect of online money making.

2. 36 Top paying sites and apps – is yet another useful website that discusses everything related to money. They have published a list of 36 websites and mobile applications that lets users earn money from them. They have divided those websites into multiple categories including online survey sites, sites that pay for fun tasks, earning by watching videos and searching on web, earning amazon vouchers, selling photos, market research, testing websites and even scanning your shopping receipts. Read the full article to know about those specific apps.

3. 5 Real ways to actually make money online – has shared some really good websites and apps that let users make money. They have categorized those sources with respect to their functionality. For example, they have shared websites that allow you to earn money by doing online surveys, freelance writing, online selling, blogging and work from home tasks. They have shared multiple websites under those categories. You will have to go through the whole article to get to those websites.

4. 40 Easy ways to make money quickly – is a website that publishes articles to help out students with their everyday life. They have shared a list of 40 ways you can earn money buy doing online stuff. Those ways include matched betting, online surveys, web searching, online market trading, starting your own website, reviewing apps, becoming a delivery driver, publishing kindle e-books, affiliate marketing, phone recycling, earning cashback while shopping, doing gigs on fiverr, reviewing songs and albums, buying and selling domains, selling photos and many more.

5. 10 Simple ways to make money online – has published a detailed guide about 10 different ways people can make money online on their blog. Although their techniques have been shared already by the websites mentioned above but they still provide some valuable information about them. They have covered website designing, blog writing, selling e-books, giving opinions, selling used stuff, selling photos, creating video tutorials (that’s new), personal teaching, renting out space and becoming an affiliate marketer.

6. 30 Clever ways to make money online –

Time magazine has re-published an article that was originally published by and it’s about 30 clever ways people can earn income online. Some of those techniques are truly clever because they allow you to work and get paid with little or no experience. Some of them are, taking surveys, blogging, selling stuff on Ebay, listing items on craigslist, uploading youtube videos and earning money, selling Instagram photos, becoming amazon affiliate, becoming internet life coach, becoming virtual assistant etc.

7. 75 Legitimate ways to earn money at home – has listed 75 ways to earn money right from the comfort of your home. How incredible is that? Some of those sources have already been discussed in the articles listed above but many of them aren’t. For example, Signing up for Bing rewards, selling books on, finding coupons, answering trivia questions, listening to music and earning money, becoming online juror, getting paid to tweet etc. are completely new.

8. 500 Different ways to make money online –

That’s right. It’s actually a list of 500 different sources that let you make money from your home. We know it will take a lot of time to go through that huge list. But we can give you a little idea about what it has in it. It includes sources related to survey opportunities, blogging, selling stuff online, affiliate marketing, freelance writing, revenue sharing, selling arts & crafts, selling photos and videos, selling collectibles, freelance designing, selling paintings, social media marketing, money lending etc. These do not cover the total list of opportunities at all. It’s best if you take some time and read it carefully.

9. Making money online with Zero investment –

This awesome guide published by explains in details how to earn money with kindle. And that too without making any investment. Those who are interested in writing kindle books will find this guide very intuitive. The article covers all aspects of creating and publishing on kindle. It also gives deep insight about how to plan your kindle book. It starts with selecting a niche for your book and then creating its cover. Then it explains how to actually actually get started with writing the book.

10. 101 Ways to earn extra money online – has done it again and they have published a mega list of over 101 ways to earn money online. They have divided all the sources into multiple categories including short tasks, social media, search engine evaluation, mystery shopping, virtual assisting, usability testing, online selling, online transcriptions, freelancing, writing, data entry, captioning, moderation, proofreading, teaching English and online surveys. You will have to take some time out to read the comprehensive list in detail.

11. 10 Ways to make money online in 2017 –

Johnchow is another very famous blogger that believes in helping people by sharing opportunities for earning money online. He has published a great guide that describes 10 ways people can work online and generate income. They include working as a freelance contractor, freelance writing, writing books, starting a podcast, selling merchandise, teaching an online class, investing with startups, performing short tasks and making videos. A good number of websites are shared under each heading.

12. 200 Legit ways to make money online – has shared a very detailed and intuitive info-graphic that lists 200 ways to earn money from home. The info-graphic includes 200 websites that are visible according to their specific categories. Some of the categories are freelancing, affiliate marketing, selling arts & crafts, CPA marketing, content revenue sharing, video marketing, site flipping, blogging, questions & answers, paid surveys, PPC marketing, email marketing, lending & investing etc.

13. How can i earn some pocket money online – has published an easy-to-understand guide for students and teenagers who want to work and earn some pocket money online. The guide shares some really interesting websites that allow users to earn money by doing simple tasks. Those website include,, Students can even earn income by participating in the Harvard Business School’s computer lab’s experimental research studies. They have also shared websites like and apps like Gigwalk that pay you to do small tasks.

14. 35 Ways to make money that actually work – SeedTime

SeedTime is another great website that provides resources related to budgeting, saving money, earning money and online business. They have published a very detailed guide that lists 35 sources that can help make money from the web. Some of the websites that they have shared include online survey sites and mobile apps, getting paid to drive a car, selling books from thrift stores, blogging, making money by grocery shopping, testing websites, selling cars, virtual assisting etc.

15. 4 Ways creative people can make money online – is another very resourceful website that provides all sorts of information about earning and saving money. They have published an insightful guide about how creative people actually make a living online. They have shared some really good resources that can help you become creative and start doing the same. The techniques involve photography, selling crafts, selling arts and writing articles for a living.

16. Top 10 ways to make money online with integrity –

Lewis Howes is a very popular podcaster that helps online community achieve levels of greatness by giving them deep insights about how to look at things positively. They have published an awesome guide on their blog that shares 10 ways users can make money on the web. Those methods include teaching and training, offering a service, creating and selling products, affiliate marketing, building websites, selling sponsorship, coaching and doing creative stuff. You can also subscribe to their podcasts if you want to learn more.

17. 19 Real ways to make money from home – is a great website that believes in the empowerment of women with respect to different areas of life. Their main topics of discussion are food, health, home and relationships. They have published a great guide about money making opportunities for all the ladies out there who want to work from the comfort of their homes. These opportunities include working as customer service rep, telemarketing, become online juror, writing & proofreading, cyber crafting, virtual assisting, online tutoring, data entry and a few more. Don’t miss out on this one.

18. 11 Best ways to make money from home – is an extremely resourceful website when it comes to topics like careers, credit & debt, economy, investing, lifestyle, real estate, money management and small business. They have shared 11 ways people can start making money from their home. Those include selling your unwanted stuff, freelance writing, selling your knowledge, selling space in your home, selling gourmet products, selling your crafts, selling your voice and selling your old books etc.

19. 72 Easy ways to make money online from home –

Dale Rodgers is another individual who believes in helping people out by blogging about online money making opportunities. Which is why we have decided to include his blog in our list. In this simple guide the author has listed 75 ways users can start making money online. Some of the most interesting ways are social trading, sharing files, offering gigs on fiverr, using hubpages, selling domain names, selling websites, becoming a micro worker, writing products reviews, entering competitions, working as online project manager, recycling mobile phones, drop shipping etc. Read the whole guide to know more about these awesome ways.

All these articles have been carefully researched for legitimacy and then shared in our round-up. If you know about any more of such guides then do let us know by emailing us though out Contact us page.




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