How to earn money online by doing tasks on Fiverr

Earn money by doing short tasks on fiverr

Fiverr is a global market place where people sell their services for $5. These services are called “gigs” and thousands of gigs are posted on this great platform everyday by freelancers and skilled people. There are two types of users on this website, the ones who sell their services and the ones who buy those services. Now those services can be related to any field and any topic. And the best part is, creating an account on Fiverr is totally free and you can start posting and selling your services from day one. Mturk is another website like Fiverr that pays you to do short tasks.

Earn money by doing short tasks on fiverr

How Does Fiverr Work

As mentioned above, there are two ways to work on Fiverr. You can either sell your services or Buy services. Since we are focusing on earning money online through Fiverr so we will be discussing the Selling part.

As a Seller, you can post multiple services or gigs for $5 and whenever someone orders your gig you will get $5 straight in your account, provided that you have successfully completed the job that you offered. Now here’s how it works:

  1. You post a Gig and select a proper category and sub-category for your gig.
  2. When a Buyer places order on your Gig, he/she pays Fiverr $5 for the order in advance.
  3. When you successfully deliver the gig, Fiverr will immediately accredit your account with $4. $1 is their commission.
  4. If you cannot deliver the gig, the amount will never be delivered to your account.

So the procedure is fairly simple but getting an order is not that simple. You gig has to be very precise and well structured in terms of  description and presentation.

There are thousands of gigs posted on Fiverr on almost all the categories so you will actually be competing with other users who are posting relevant gigs. You have to outsmart them by offering the buyers something that others are not. When you receive an order, you will get an email notification from Fiverr.

The order will be available in your To Do list. Once the order is active you can start working on it immediately. And once you have completed the job you simply have to click the “Deliver Now” button.

To start creating an account as a Seller you should click HERE.

Fiverr Payment Details

Once you have successfully delivered an orders, an amount of $4 will be transferred to your Paypal account. So you must have a Paypal account before joining Fiverr as a Seller. If you don’t have a paypal account, ask one of your relatives to make an account for you or you can use their Paypal id if they are not using it on Fiverr. Simple right?

Tips for Getting Orders on Fiverr

Since getting orders in the start won’t be that easy and you will have to optimize your Gigs to attract Buyer’s attention so i thought i should share some tips on how to optimize your gigs to start getting orders:

  • Try to be professional. Put a decent photo on your profile, share your experience and when a customer asks a question about a gig, no matter how rudely, always answer politely.
  • Always look at the gigs that others have posted related to your topic before publishing yours. This will give you  clear idea what others are offering and what they are missing. You can then take advantage of that and post a gig that is better than the rest.
  • Be creative about your Gig title. You might be getting orders just because you have an attractive Gig title that attracts Buyer’s attention. Always try to add some spice. For example, instead of writing “I will design a logo for $5” you should write “I will design a professional and decent logo for your company for $5”.
  • Share your Gigs on the web. Post them on your social media profile including Facebook, Twitter and Google plus to attract people towards your Gig. It will also help your gig to appear on search engines when someone searches for something related to your gig.
  • Try to post videos in your Gigs. It has been observed that Gigs that have video demonstrations on them have a much higher order grabbing ratio than others. So if you have some video making and Info graphic skills then you should make use of them.

Final Word

In my opinion Fiverr is the best platform for people who don’t want to be Full-time freelancers and want to earn some money online by using their skills. You can get hundreds of orders on a single gig that you can probably complete an half an hour. So just try to imagine how much you can earn by putting very small effort. You just have to be quick and smart enough to beat other sellers in your specialized category. So i don’t see a reason why anyone shouldn’t join this great website, especially when its completely free.

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