How to earn money with Amazon Affiliate Program is an American based e-commerce company and the largest online retailer in the world that allows affiliates to earn money online. You can earn money with Amazon Affiliate Program by applying for it online. Amazon is the trend setter for e-commerce companies around the world where people can directly place orders online and get the products delivered to their residence. Since Amazon is an American based company so it mostly ships within USA. There are however some retailers on Amazon that offer International shipping as well. Amazon has expanded its business to Canada and UK as well. Luckily for our readers, offers a great way to earn some money online by selling their products and getting commission on every sale.

How to earn money with Amazon Affiliate Program

How to join Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliate program is one of the biggest affiliate programs in the world. It enables users from all over the work to join as an Affiliate and start earning commission on the sales that they refer. As an affiliate, you can start selling products ranging from different categories including Apparel, Electronics and computers, Home and Garden products, Books, Music, Toys, sports goods and many other categories. And you are free to choose from any of those unlimited products to sell as an affiliate marketer. Now you must be wondering how to actually sell the products since it’s an online store.

Different ways to Sell Amazon Products

Among many ways to sell the products there are three most common ways:

  • Create an Amazon affiliate website and list amazon products on it. You can place a Buy now button which will lead directly to the amazon affiliate link of that product.
  • Place Amazon affiliate ads on your blog. This is the most popular way of earning with Amazon. People place Amazon affiliate ads on their blog to get readers to click on those ads ad buy the products.
  • If you don’t want to do either of above then simply get an Astore from Amazon which gives you your own small website where you can add products that you want. Astore will be explained in the next section.

To join the Amazon affiliate program please go to this LINK.

Now provides a number of tools for users to boost their sales and monetize their websites easily with affiliate links. These tools include:

Product Links

Amazon provides customized product links which include your Affiliate ID to track your sales.


Amazon provides attractive widgets which you can place on your website to attract potential buyers. LINK

Banners provides attractive and beautiful banners with affiliate links for you to place on your website.

Astore provides its affiliate members with a complete customized Affiliate Store so they don’t have to build their own website and start generating sales. To learn more about Astore click HERE.

Amazon Affiliate Payment Details

With Amazon Affiliate Program, you can earn up to 10% of the actual product price per sale. Amazon offers fixed advertising Fees rates for different categories, such as, you get 4% for selling electronic products, 5% for Amazon mp3 products, 10% on Game download products and the list goes on. To see more details about the commission structure please visit this LINK.

Amazon Affiliate Payment Method

Payments are made in alternate months. For example, payments for January will be paid in late March, for February will be paid in late April and so on. You can request payments either by Cheque, Amazon Gift certificate or you can request them to deposit your payment directly in your Bank account. You can withdraw payments with Direct deposit or Amazon Gift certificate. The minimum threshold for the payment is $10. If you are getting paid by Cheque then the minimum threshold is $100. So it’s completely up to you.

Amazon Affiliate Program: Final Word

If you own a Website or a Blog then Amazon Affiliate program is the best one for you. Not just because they offer good commissions but also because Amazon is one of the most trusted companies in the world. You will get your payments without any delay. Plus they offer great tools including banners and widgets to place on your website to boost sales. They also offer great support to their Affiliate members if they should face any problem. Joining the program is free so i will highly recommend this program for all readers.

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