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7 Reliable Websites for Selling Unused Gift Cards


Have you ever wondered if you could return a gift card? We all love receiving gifts but what if you get something that’s just of no use to you? Maybe you have a gift card for a cosmetic store but you’re not that into makeup. Or maybe you have a bunch of gift cards from Amazon, Ebay or different fast-food chains but you’re not a fan of fastfood. This guide lists platforms that help you sell unused gift cards for a good price.

Luckily for us, there are a number of online platforms where you can sell your unused gift cards. Some of these platforms offer a better exchange rate than others. So, it’s better to check them all if you want to sell your cards at the best price.

List of 7 websites to sell gift cards online

Here are 7 great websites where you can sell your unused gift cards and earn some money!

  1. BuySellVouchers

    BuySellVouchers is an online platform where you can buy and sell a range of products including gift cards. As a seller, you can list the products online and wait for a buyer to find what they are looking for and purchase it. Once the product has been checked and verified by the buyer, your payment will be transferred to you.

    The platform provides special offers to people selling their gift cards in bulk. They also have an efficient SEO-optimized marketing tool that will help you reach more customers and sell your gift card at a great price.
  2. GameFlip

    GameFlip is a great website where you can buy and sell all things related to gaming such as gift cards, video games, game items and rewards etc. If you have any gift cards for Steam, PSN, Xbox, Google Play, or any other gaming platform, you can list them at GameFlip and sell them to an interested buyer.

    GameFlip will receive an 8% commission fee from your listed price and a 2% digital fee where applicable.

  3. CardCash

    At CardCash you can buy and sell unused gift cards for department stores, restaurants, entertainment and so much more at a great price! You have two options for selling your gift cards; either sell them directly and receive the money or trade your gift card for another gift card that is more useful to you.

    CardCash will charge around an 8% commission fee.

  4. ZealCards

    If you’re looking to sell your gift card at a good price, look no further than ZealCards. A family-owned business that has been operational since 2011; ZealCards will offer you a great deal on your gift cards. Just head to their website and enter your gift card amount to see how much money you can make!

  5. BuyBackWorld

    BuyBackWorld is another great website that connects buyers to sellers. To sell your unused gift card, simply select the retailer on the BuyBackWorld website and specify the value of your gift card. If you are satisfied with the price quote, BuyBackWorld will buy the gift card from you with no hidden costs or extra fees! It’s that straightforward.

  6. CardYard

    CardYard is another e-commerce platform that lets you sell your unused gift cards by purchasing them from you and taking a small commission.

    You can head to their website and check the price quote by entering the value of your gift card. If you like the price you can send the card over to the company and after verification, you will get your payment.

  7. GiftCash

    GiftCash accepts gift cards from over 150 brands. Depending on the brand, you can get up to 92% of the original value back in cash. The minimum value for a gift card is $25 and the maximum value is $2000. What’s more, is that you can sell your cards in bulk with their Bulk Client Program.

Selling unused gift cards is a great way to earn some extra money. Just find a platform that works for you and offers the best deal. If you’re setting your own price, remember to slash 2% to 15% off the original price to get more customers!


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