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How to Sell Used Books on BookScouter and Earn Money

Sell Books on Bookscouter Earn Online

Do you have a heap of college books or just random books that are sitting around occupying your storage space? A good idea would be to sell your books online and get cash for the junk that is wasting away in your house. BookScouter would be a great option worth looking into.

Even in the digital age where everyone is reading PDFs; the demand for printed books is still very high and you have a good chance to sell your used textbooks, cookbooks, novels, etc. This guide shows you how you can sell your used books online on BookScouter and make money. But before we dive into that, lets first look into all the information you need before you start selling your books.

Selling books online can be a difficult task. However, many have turned this into their everyday business. The number one rule for selling books online is to have books in good condition.

If the books are in a frail condition; don’t expect to get decent money for it. It is also important that you are as clear as possible in advertising your books. Make sure to post good quality pictures and describe them honestly and thoroughly.

You can sell these books on many different platforms including eBay and Amazon, however, one of the best places to sell books more profitably is through BookScouter.

BookScouter is an online platform that allows you to buy and sell old or used books. The best thing about it is that you can compare the prices of your book on different websites.

It consists of over 30 vendors and you can decide where to sell your book at a maximum price. In this guide, we show you step-by-step on how to sell your books on BookScouter and start making money online.

How to get started on BookScouter

  1. The procedure for selling at BookScouter is quite simple. Go to the BookScouter website. You can also use the BookScouter app. Once you are at the website click the ‘Vendors’ tab to see the list of all the vendors at BookScouter.Bookscouter
  2. Here you will be able to see a search bar for the ISBN code. You can enter your book ISBN and find out the resale price of your book from different vendors. This helps you compare the prices and choose the one that is paying the highest for your book. When selecting a vendor, it is important that you first read the reviews of other customers who have dealt with that vendor, this helps you get a fair idea of how good the dealer is.
    A vendor may be paying a higher amount for your item, but he could also be a frustrating dealer to work with. Therefore make sure you read the reviews, so you have an idea of who you’re dealing with.vendors-list
  3. Once you are done with the comparison, you can select the vendor and proceed to get a free shipping label to ship your books. Remember that although most of the vendors you’re dealing with will have prepaid shipping labels but some don’t. So keep that in mind when finalizing the vendor.
    You can start selling by registering on the website. Click the signup button on the right corner of your screen and fill in your details. Keep in mind, that in order to sell the books they must be in good condition. You also have to assure that the book you are sending is in good quality in order to receive your payment; hence you have to make sure that you have packaged your shipment correctly.
    Make sure to pack your books in a good, sturdy carton with lots of padding material such as foam, newspapers, cloth or whatever you can think of. Make sure to seal your box properly with a lot of tape. Bookscouter also has tips for packing shipments. You can check that out here.bookscouter-signup
  4. You will be able to receive your payment once the dispatched book has reached the vendor. The payment method varies vendor to vendor, but most vendors use either PayPal or Check. If you want to receive your payment via check, you will have to wait a little more compared to being paid through PayPal.
    You can also check the different categories for different kinds of books to sell on the BookScouter website. However, if you are planning to sell antiquated or rare books; then BookScouter is not recommended. This is because the old books do not have an ISBN number due to which the exact price for the books cannot be quoted.

How to earn more

If you enjoyed selling on BookScouter and want to make selling books a regular business here’s a tip. You can look for cheap, used books at thrift shops or garage sales and start selling books in bulks. Bookscouter also has options for bulk sale.

  • Bookscouter Pro: Bookscouter pro tool allows you to access tools that make it easier for you to sell your books if you want to sell them in bulk. You can avail of these tools for $29.99 per month. This makes it a lot easier for businesses. However, if you are only selling a few books, this is not recommended.
  • BookScouter College Rep Program: The website also has a college rep program. This allows you to earn extra money if you refer some friends to the BookScouter platform. You can sign up for this program by clicking on the signup button shown on the topmost bar. The application will only take a few minutes.

Selling on BookScouter can be a good opportunity for you to get a better return for money for your old books. It may not be equivalent to what you paid for it, but BookScouter pays better return money for your textbooks as compared to return opportunities offered by most colleges and book dealers.

This platform is especially great if you are new to selling books online. Once you get to know how to deal, you can always make a good business out of old books and start earning a good side income. If you want other options on where to sell your books for money, here’s a list of 10 websites to sell books online.

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