make money doing simple house chores

Make Money doing Simple Chores: 6 Online Platforms that Pay

Did you know that you can earn cash for doing simple house chores? You can literally get paid to clean houses, deliver packages, help with furniture, repair electronics, fixing yards etc. You can even earn up to $5000 per month doing these things. Read more to know about these apps and platforms.

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Google’s Task Mate App Lets you Earn Cash for doing Small Tasks

Google has launched it’s new Task Mate app that allows users to earn real cash by completing short tasks. The app isn’t available in all countries currently. You can withdraw your earnings directly to your e-wallet or a Google approved payment processor.

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Make Money by Renting out Parking Space 7 Apps that Pay

Make Money by Renting out Parking Space: 7 Apps that Pay

Do you have a spare parking space, or perhaps you driveway is vacant for most of the day time? You have the opportunity to earn side income by renting it out. There are a number of websites and apps that pay you anywhere from $50 to $400 per month for that.

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6 Practical ways to Make Money as a Content Creator

6 Practical Ways to Make Money as a Content Creator

Here are 6 successful ways for content creators to start earning a stable income from their content on social media. From selling your online courses to becoming an influencer, to getting subscriptions and more.

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5 Platforms for Content Creators to Earn Sustainable Income

Here are five platforms that let you earn stable income by selling subscriptions and memberships to your content. Whether you’re a writer, a comic creator, an artist or a gamer, you can take advantage of these websites to offer paid memberships to your fans.

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Make Money Writing Book Reviews

How to Make Money Writing Book Reviews: 9 Websites that Pay

If you are a passionate reader that loves to talk about books, there are many opportunities to get paid to review books online. Here is a list of companies that are hiring book reviewers and pay them between $10-$60 per review.

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Global Remote Internships Platforms

9 Platforms that Offer Remote Internships Globally

Are you looking for internship opportunities that are remote based? There are some legitimate online platforms where you can find such opportunities. Also most of these opportunities are global and you can participate in them from anywhere in the world. You also get certificates of completion to showcase in your CV.

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Bug Bounty platforms for earning money

9 Bug Bounty Platforms for Earning Quick Cash

Are you an ethical hacker with expertise in Website penetration testing? You can turn your skills into a decent income source working as a bug bounty hunter. For each vulnerability report you submit, you earn cash. Keep reading to know exactly how to do it.

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Simple ways to find remote jobs online

3 Simple Ways to find Remote Jobs online

Remote jobs can be quite hard to find among other jobs on search engines. However, there are some easy techniques to filter out the remote jobs from others. You will have to follow a specific syntax to find such opportunities on Google. There are some dedicated websites too where you can find remote jobs.

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Make Money as Academic Writer online

Make Money with Academic Writing Skills: 9 Websites where you can Apply

As an educator, there are many online earning opportunities where you can utilize your skills to build a full time freelancing career. Here is a list of companies that are hiring academic writers and pay them between $150-$300 per article.

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