Make Money as a Greeting Card Writer

Make Money as a Greeting Card Writer: 7 Websites that Pay

If you have a way with words then here’s a perfect opportunity to become a greeting card writer. Here’s a list of 7 card companies that are accepting card writings online. Writers can earn as much as $300 per submission.

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Appen Earn Money online working on Short Tasks

Appen lets you Earn Money online for working on Short Tasks

Appen is an AI company that provides an opportunity to earn online by performing short tasks like completing surveys, contributing to social media etc. Users get paid monthly through Payoneer or direct deposit.

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Make money with Qmee App

Qmee App lets you Make Money Online while taking Surveys

Learn how to make money online with Qmee app. Users get cash rewards by taking part in surveys, online shopping, completing offers, and more. Get paid in the form of PayPal cash and gift cards. Qmee app comes in two different versions, a mobile app and a browser extension.

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Make Money Selling Miniature Paintings

How to Make Money by Selling Miniature Paintings

Are you a miniature artist who’s handy with painting skills and creating miniature models? This guide will show you how you can earn a decent income by selling some of your paintings and portraits. There are online marketplaces that will offer you the right price for your artistic skills. Read more to know about those websites.

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Make Money Online as Mock Juror

Make Money Online as a Mock Juror (8 Websites that Pay)

Becoming a mock juror is a pretty interesting opportunity to earn online. You can earn up to $300 per case if you’re lucky. To become a mock juror you have to be free of any felony and should be able to read and write.

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NamingForce Get Paid to Suggest Business Names

Naming Force Pays you to Suggest Company Names

Naming force is an online platform where new companies hold contests for suggesting the best name for their business. This creates an opportunity for people like us to participate in those contests and earn cash prizes worth $100 and more.

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Websites for Lawyer Make Money Online

6 Ways for Lawyers and Legal Experts to Make Money Online

Do you know how easy it is to start an online career as a Freelance lawyer? As a legal expert, you can join a number of platforms where you can get paid for your legal expertise. All you need to get yourself working is a PC with an Internet connection. You can set your own schedule and work on multiple freelance projects at a time.

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Sell Books on Bookscouter Earn Online

How to Sell Used Books on BookScouter and Earn Money

Have a lot of random old books lying around and don’t know what to do with them? BookScouter is the most profitable place to start selling your used books online. You can compare book prices from a list of vendors and sell at the best rate possible. Looking for more business opportunities? Turn bookselling into a full-time business with BookScouter’s bulk sale options.

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Best Places to Sell Designer Handbags

8 Online Platforms to Sell Pre-Owned Designer Handbags

Do you have any used designer bags in your closet? You can earn a hefty amount by flipping them on the internet. The price obviously depends on the quality and originality of the bag but there’s a huge market for it out there. This guide shares some nice websites where you can sell your used designer bags.

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Sell Photos and Foap and Earn Money

How to Sell your Photos on Foap and Earn Money

Foap is a popular photo buying and selling app that you can install on your mobile phones. You can earn a decent part time income by uploading your original photos and listing them for sale. The more photos you sell the more money you will earn. You can add other photographer’s photos to your albums. If their photos gets sold you earn small commissions from them too. This guide explains how to get started with Foap.

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