Get paid to browse web with Swash app

Get Paid to Browse the Web with Swash App – Detailed Guide

Did you know that you can earn money from your web browsing activities. Swash App is a revolutionary app that pays you for browsing the web. The best part is you can control what data you want to share with the app. Your personal and sensitive data remains safe.

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make money as CV writer

How to make money as a CV writer online: 5 Websites that Pay

CV writing and Resume writing are very underrated skills, specially on freelancing platforms like Upwork and PeoplePerHour. As a Resume writer, you can easily earn up to $4000 per month without putting extra work. In this guide, we have shared a number of websites that you can join and earn money by writing CVs.

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Freelance platforms for PhDs and Scientists

4 Freelance Platforms for PhDs, Scientists and Industry Experts

Most scientists and PhD holders are not aware of freelancing platforms that they can utilize to multiply their income. As a researcher, not only you can make money in your spare time but also help bring innovations in your area of specialization. This guide shares a list of freelance websites that you can join and make money with.

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make money clubhouse app

Get Paid to Create Social Content on Clubhouse App

If you love creating content on social media platforms then you should also check out the Clubhouse app. The app allows you to create content and discussion rooms while earning some income as well. You can earn money with the tipping feature, sponsorships, and other ways.

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Passive Income apps for mobile and PC

17 Reliable Passive Income Mobile Apps that Pay on Time

Passive income is one of the hottest topics on the internet these days. There are a few apps that let you generate decent income by doing small activities including answering surveys, scanning receipts, unlocking your phone, taking photos etc. Learn about these apps in this guide.

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Earn money by writing newsletters on Substack

How to Earn Money from your Writing and Newsletters on SubStack

Substack is a one of a kind platform that allows you to write content, publish a newsletter and earn money by making followers. The platform is completely free to use and very intuitive. The amount of money you can earn depends on the number of paid subscribers you have.

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Rent out truck or cargo vehicle online

Earn $5k to $25k per year by renting out your Truck or Cargo Vehicle

Do you own a truck or a cargo vehicle that goes unused for longer periods of time? You can easily earn passive income by renting it out through the FluidTruck platform. You can earn anywhere from $5k to $25k per year depending on the type of vehicle and the time period that it’s rented out for,

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Get started as content creator on Wondr

How to get Started as a Content Creator with WONDR

Wondr is an excellent platform for creating social impact in the world by building communities and engaging with them. The platform also lets you earn income by increasing your subscribers and growing your community. Read more on how to get started.

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How to earn passive income with crypto

How to Earn Passive Income with Crypto – A Step-by-Step Guide

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay. That’s why it’s important to know about the potential it holds for you. You could take advantage of the opportunity and earn passive income with cryptocurrency. In this guide we are simple and effective methods to do so.

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Earn Money Twitter tip jar

Twitter lets you Earn Money with the new ‘Tip Jar’ Feature

As a content creator, you can make money from twitter by using the new ‘Tip Jar’ feature. This new feature allows you to accept tips and contributions directly from your followers. Currently it supports payment gateways including Patreon, Cash App, Paypal and Venmo.

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