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Make Money by Teaching Music Lessons on LessonFace


The whole world has shifted online. Everything from entertainment to earning, to learning is now conveniently online. Even subjects like art and music have shifted online too. Once a lesson was taught to only a few, now the whole world can enroll in your class.

So if you are a musician or a teacher in the music industry, you can now share your talent with the world and make some money off of it. In this guide, we are going to talk about a platform where you can make money by teaching music lessons.

What is LessonFace?

LessonFace is a web portal where you can get live online music lessons. Whether you want to learn a particular instrument or study music theory or any other area, LessonFace helps connect skilled teachers with students all over the world. As a music expert, you can join as a Music teacher and teach people the art while earning money.

How does it work?Teach guitar lessons

Here’s all you need to know to start teaching and earning on LessonFace.

  1. To start teaching music online you will need to register yourself on the platform HERE. LessonFace has a few requirements before you get started; one being that you should have a formal degree or a relevant certification and you should have at least 2 years of experience.
  2. After registering yourself, you have to start getting your profile ready for the students. Explain your experience as a teacher in as much detail as possible. Once your profile is complete you can submit your application for review.
  3. Once your application has been reviewed and accepted, you can now start teaching!


How does LessonFace Pay?

The platform hasn’t limited its teachers to a specific pay rate, the teachers are allowed to set any pay rate for their classes.

LessonFace charges its teachers a commission of 15% of your lesson fees if a student finds you through the platform. But if you bring your own students, physically or through referrals, then the fees drop to 4%.

LessonFace offers pays its teachers through Stripe, Mailed Checks, and Paypal. The payments are sent every Friday for lessons that get registered by Thursday. If you take a lesson on Friday, the payment will be made the next Friday.

How to start using LessonFace

Fortunately for you, they have put up a complete guide for users who want to start using the platform to teach. Here’s the link. The guide teaches everything from requirement equipment to setting up the whole thing and making your teaching lessons effective.



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