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Earn Online with Top 10 Data Entry Websites

top 10 data entry websites

Data entry is the most common and sought-after freelance work. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can start working online as a data entry operator. The best part is, for data entry jobs you don’t require any degree or previous experience. Thus anyone and everyone can earn online with data entry jobs. 

This is why, finding the right platform for a data entry job that pays well, is difficult. Since everyone wants to work in this field, it has become somewhat saturated. But worry not! Aside from the most popular and typical freelancing platforms namely Upwork, Fivver, Freelancer, etc; this guide lists other more helpful platforms for data entry jobs you’d want to try out. 

List of 10 Data Entry Websites

  1. Mega Typers

    Mega Typers is a company that provides data entry services.  These services include transcription, image-to-text recognition, and captcha solving. The company offers flexible work schedules. All you have to do is register yourself and start applying for their jobs. Their website may look spammy, however, the company is legitimate, so no need to worry.

    Register for MegaTypers here


    MegaTypers pay its data entry operators through PayPal, Western Union, WebMoney, or Perfect Money.  The company has different pay rates for its different typing jobs, however, the lowest pay rate is for Captcha jobs. Also, the minimum cash out is $3.

  2. REV

    REV is another popular freelance company for data entry jobs that hire transcribers, captions, and translators. The company hires data entry operators from all over the world. To get started simply register yourself and apply for the jobs that suit your interest.

    Register for REV here.


    REV pays its freelancers through PayPal. Their pay range differs from job to job, where a transcriptionist’s pay range is between $0.30 – $1.10, and a captioner is paid between $0.54 – $1.10.

  3. ClickWorker

    ClickWorker is a well-known crowdsource platform that offers data entry jobs around the world.  The company hires people from all around the world. Users can apply to several of their online jobs e.g Translation, Text Creation, Categorization and Tagging, etc.

    Register for ClickWorker here.


    ClickWorker pays its freelancers through PayPal, Payoneer, and Bank Transfer. Its minimum payment threshold is $1.

  4. Appen

    Appen is a company for Artificial Intelligence that gathers user data to create machine learning programs. Thus they have a lot of different kinds of short, data tasks for freelancers. Some of these data entry tasks include translation, speech evaluation, transcriptions, and more. The best part is, anyone can apply from all over the world.

    Register for Appen here


    Appen pays its users through PayPal, Payoneer, and Direct Deposit. The payment differs from job to job. However, the pay range is between $7 – $12 per hour.

  5. SimplyHired

    SimplyHired is a platform like Upwork. It works as a job board for different companies to post online jobs. Job seekers can search for different types of freelancer opportunities including data entry jobs.

    Register for SimplyHired here.


    Since the platform is a job board for other companies, the salaries depend from company to company. However, according to their website, the average salary of a data entry operator can range from $33,385 per year.

  6.  SteadyApp

    Steady is an app that helps people find work-from-home job opportunities. This app helps users find part-time, full-time, or seasonal jobs. Users can simply filter out jobs through keywords. The app has a rating of 4.4 on TrustPilot, which makes it legit.

    Register for SteadyApp here.  


    The payment system isn’t listed.
  7.  CapitalTyping

    CapitalTyping is a platform for outsourcing services.  The company outsources services like business management programming, data entry, research, etc. Users can look for job opportunities on their jobs page and apply.

    Register for CapitalTyping here.


    Payments for CapitalTyping aren’t mentioned.

  8. 1840 & Co

    This company is a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) provider. They work with various companies to provide freelance services. Users interested in part-time or full-time job roles can apply as data entry operators and other such roles online. After application, the company conducts a test for the applicants before they are chosen for the jobs.

    Register for 1840 & Co. here.


    The company has an option of working directly with the vendors, where they pay for your work directly. Or through the company.

  9. FreeUp

    FreeUp is another freelance platform that hires freelancers from all over the world for different types of jobs. This job includes specialized jobs like programming, graphic design, etc, and non-specialized jobs like data entry, live chat agents, etc. To work on FreeUp you have to pass a series of tests and courses.

    Register for FreeUp here.


    The company pays its freelancers through PayPal or Payoneer. Freelancers can set their own pay rate.
  10. Axion Data Services

    Axion is a US company that offers contract-based data entry services. This platform is for seasoned professionals. If users fulfill the requirements set by the company, you can apply on their platform. It’s worth mentioning that the users can pay the company $5-$10 to have their name in their data log. Once a job opening comes their way, the company contacts you.

    Register for AxionDataServices here.


    Salaries haven’t been mentioned.

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