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Earn Online by Reviewing Books: 10 Websites

make money reviewing books

Love reading books and books and more books? So if you love reading so much, why not turn your hobby into a good-paying side hustle? There are many ways to earn online as a book reader who loves all things books. One of these ways is reviewing books.

Since you already read so much, there is no extra work here. All you would be doing is writing an honest review once you’ve read your book and viola! You get paid. Yep, it’s as easy as that.

List of Websites to Review Books

  1. BookBrowse

    Bookbrowse is a website that pays book readers to review books. They hire freelancers to review books that become available. To become a book reviewer for BrowseBooks, you first have to submit sample reviews that are 300 words long. The reviewers also have to write a ‘beyond the book’ article for each book they review.  

    Payment Details

    The website hasn’t disclosed how much they pay its reviewers for each review, however, they do claim to pay its reviewers a modest payment. The reviews also get to keep the book they review.

    Signup for BookBrowse here

  2. Booklist

    Booklist is another great website for book reviews. The platform is also part of the American Library Association, which means that their reviews help guide school and public library workers in suggesting and purchasing books.

    The website requests its reviews to write 150-175 word reviews that include the plot synopsis, suggest the ideal audience for this book, and offer similar books. When you apply, you’ll have to indicate your area of interest to start reviewing books you like.

    Payment Details

    The platform pays its reviewers $15 for each review. The reviews are paid once their review published online. It’s also important to know that if you choose to reject a title for review, Booklist would charge you a reject fee of $5.

    Signup for Booklist here

  3. Writerful Books

    Writerful Books is a company that provides professional manuscript assessment services for authors. These services include book editing, manuscript assessment, and evaluations and reviews.

    They are currently not accepting any book reviewer applications, but keep their company in your sights for future applications.

    Payment Details

    The company hasn’t mentioned any payment details as of now.

    Signup for Writerful Books here

  4. Online Book Club

    Online Book Club is an awesome website that calls itself a free community for book lovers. It offers readers a community for discussions, book trackers for what they’ve read, and more. 

    The platform hires book reviewers for its online book community. The process is simple, once you are hired as a reviewer you get a selection of books to choose from to review. You will be given a free book in exchange for a review. Once your review is approved, you get paid.

    Payment Details

    Online Book Club pays its reviewers between $5-$60 along with a free book to review. Yes – you get to keep it!

    Signup for Online Book Club here

  5. Womens Review of Books

    Womens Review of Books is part of Wellesley Centers for Women that is a research and action institute that focuses on women. The platform hires women freelancer reviewers for its platform.

    The platform reviews book of all kinds, from novels, fiction, poetry, and more.

    Payment Details

    Womens Review of Books pays their reviewers $100 for each review published.

    Signup for Womens Review of Books here

  6. Instaread

    Instaread is another interesting platform that provides key insights and book summaries from thousands of books online. These insights are available in audio and text. The platform has a broad range of categories to choose from, from non-fiction like self-help, business, fitness, and more, to fiction novels.

    Instaread hires people to write book summaries instead of typical book reviews. The reviewers have to write summaries worth 1000-1500 words.

    Payment Details

    Instaread pays its book summary writers $100 per summary.

    Signup for Instaread here

  7. Publishers Weekly

    Publishers Weekly is an international news website for book publishing and book selling, that is mainly targeted toward librarians, publishers, literary agents, and more. 

    To apply as a book reviewer, you must send an application along with a resume and a sample review that is 200 words long. Once you get accepted you can start working on reviews as you will.

    Payment Details

    Publishers Weekly pays its book reviewers $25 for each published review.

    Signup for Publishers Weekly here

    Send your resumes at

  8. Reedsy Discovery

    Reedsy Discovery is a platform that helps authors find and work with publishers and all the other processes to publish a book, including cover design, editing, publicists, etc.

    Start by creating an account for a Reedsy reviewer. Submit your application where you introduce yourself and answer a few questions related to book reviewing. Once your application is accepted, you are free to review any amount of books you like.

    Payment Details

    Reedsy doesn’t pay its reviewer directly. They compensate you for your review in form of free copies of books. You can also make some money by getting tipped for your reviews from other users.

    Signup for Reedsy Discovery here

  9. Kirkus Reviews

    Kirkus Reviews is an American book review magazine. The platform is one of the most authentic sources of book reviews out there.

    To become a reviewer for Kirkus Reviews you have to apply to their email address along with your resume and writing samples. Currently, they are looking for English and Spanish language book reviewers for their books.

    Payment Details

    Kirkus Reviews pays its reviewers $50-$75 for each review published. However, they expect a reviewer to write a good 350-word review within 2 weeks’ time. 

    Signup for Kirkus Reviews here

    Send your resumes to

  10. Tyndale Blog Network

    Tyndale Blog Network has a program called the “My Readers Reward Club” that helps users earn reader reward points for completing a list of activities listed.

    As a reviewer, you can earn 10-50 points for writing reviews for Tyndale or Barnes & Noble.

    Payment Details

    Complete the activities listed on the My Readers Rewards Club and earn points. Users can redeem those points to get books from Tyndale.

    Signup for My Readers Rewards Club




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