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Conduent Offers Non-Tech Work from Home Opportunities

Did you know that you do not need to be a techie to apply for a remote job? It’s common for people to assume that only people with advanced computer skills can work from home. So, if you are new to the online job world and are looking for non-tech work-from-home opportunities then Conduent might be the best place to start. 

What is Conduent?

Conduent works as a global BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) provider. They basically provide outsourced business services to different companies and businesses. The company operates worldwide and has associates in over 24 counties.

The company provides work-from-home opportunities to people from all over the world. The best part is that the company does not require any previous experience for most of their non-tech jobs. Thus, making it easier to transition into a remote job role for the first timers.


What kind of Work from home jobs to Expect?

Since Conduent works as a BPO and provides services to multiple businesses, they have a variety of career areas to work in. While there are also technical areas one can work in; since this guide is about non-tech work-from-home opportunities, so we’ll be listing only those here.  Here’s a list of areas you can apply to:

  • Call Center
  • Customer Support / Administration
  • Client Management
  • Human Resources
  • Sales
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Transaction Processing

Employee Benefits

Conduent is a legitimate company with offices all over the world. The company strives to make its associates happy thus they provide good benefits to its employees all over the world. Working for Conduent you can expect the following benefits:

  • Paid time off
  • Healthcare (Dental included)
  • Discounted Programs
  • Employee Developmental Programs

What to expect when joining?

When you officially join Conduent, depending on your job, you will be put through training for two weeks or more. This will be paid for by the company.

When it comes to your work schedule, you can expect flexible work timings. Although this depends on your job role.

How to Join?

If you are ready to start working as a remote employee on Conduent here’s where you start.

  1. Start by signing up on their website and creating your profile. Apply HERE. Once you upload your resume and other documents, you can expect to get an email from the company anytime there’s a job available for you.
  2. You can also search for job opportunities on their Career Page. Search for the kind of job you are looking for, along with your region and other details. If you like what you find, then you can also apply directly to that particular job. career-opportunies-conduent

How does Conduent Pay?

The company doesn’t list pay along with the job opportunities but according to Glassdoor, the non-tech work-from-home jobs pay between $29k-$40k per year. Technical jobs have greater payouts. So the salaries are dependent on the type of job.



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