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Remote Customer Service Jobs: 10 Websites to Apply

Remote customer service jobs

Customer Service refers to the company’s direct interaction with its customers, assisting them before or after their purchase. Simply put, customer services help solve problems or answer queries a customer might have. Here, in this guide we are going to talk about remote customer service jobs.

Why traditional Customer Service jobs suck

Customer services is a key service offered by all industries. The right kind of customer service would help retain customers, ensure brand loyalty, and most importantly, increase business.

traditional customer service

But no matter how important the job might look, it can often be thankless and taxing. That is if we are speaking in a strictly traditional way. When it comes to its traditional form, customer services mean having a constant smile on your face when dealing with difficult customers, getting dressed in a way that’s pleasing to the customer (that might often be uncomfortable), and working long hours. So this field might not be for everyone.

Why it doesn’t suck anymore

Thanks to the boom of remote work and global remote jobs, now we have better options for customer services jobs. Instead of directly dealing with customers, you can just get behind your computer in your comfy pajamas and help resolve issues by answering customer service inquiries online.

Sounds interesting? Keep reading to know about the best companies that are hiring remote customer service speciailists:

  1. SimplrFlex

    SimplrFlex is an online customer service platform that connects experts with businesses all over the world, that require assistance with their customer service inquiries. The company is a chat-based customer service platform that is always looking to hire experts in different fields from anywhere around the world. They offer their experts flexible jobs, to work whenever and wherever they want to.

    Sign Up for SimplrFlex here

    How it Pays

    SimplrFlex pays its experts through PayPal or Venmo. They have a flat fee of $1.50 for every resolved ticket, however, the fee can vary according to the difficulty of the inquiries. Experts can make around $300-$500 per week.

  2. 5CA

    5CA is a customer service provider that operates globally with a remote workforce distributed all over the world. They offer three types of customer services such as Outsourced Customer support, VIP Player support, and Pre-sales support services.

    Sign Up for 5CA here

    How it Pays

    According to Glassdoor, the company’s average pay ranges from $12-$19 per hour.

  3. TTEC

    TTEC is another global provider of customer experience services. The company deals in customer services, IT, consulting, marketing, and sales. TTEC has been rated as the top 100 work-from-home companies on Flex jobs. It also has a current rating of 3.5 on Glassdoor.

    Sign Up for TTEC here

    How it Pays

    According to Glassdoor, TTEC has an average pay of $15 per hour.

  4. LiveOPS

    LiveOps operates as an online, cloud-based call center company. They offer virtual call center solutions to companies, that need virtual assistants to handle customer services or similar services.

    Sign Up for LiveOPS here

    How it Pays

    The company pays its agents through Direct deposit or Check. Their prices are set by clients that pay from a minimum of $15/hr. to $65 or more.

  5. Conduent

    Conduent works as a global BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) provider. They provide outsourced business services to different companies worldwide. Thus, the company provides work-from-home opportunities to people from all over the world. These jobs include customer support, call center jobs and more.

    Sign Up for Conduent here

    How it Pays

    According to Glassdoor, the company pays it’s non-tech workers between $29k-$40k per year. Technical jobs have greater payouts.

  6. Asurion

    Asurion is a global technology care company that provides technical, phone, chat, and email support for all kinds of technology products and gadgets. As a customer service expert, you can join their team of skilled customer support representatives and build a great career out of it.

    Sign Up for Asurion here

    How it Pays

    The company pays its experts an average of $18 per hour.

  7. LiveWorld

    LiveWorld offers customer support services to different businesses. The job primarily requires you to chat with potential customers and inform them about the procedures and services of the particular brand.

    Sign Up for LiveWorld here

    How it Pays

    LiveWorld pays its remote workers $31 per hour.

  8. Apple Customer Service

    Apple offers people to apply for their technical support team. As a part of their technical support, you will be expected to resolve issues that are faced by a customer and help them in areas such as troubleshooting, warranty and repairs, and information about Apple products among others.

    Sign Up for Apple Customer Service here

    How it Pays

    Apply pays its online employees through Apple Pay. Their exact pay is unclear.

  9. Amazon Customer Service

    Amazon hires customer support agents from all over the world. The agent’s job will be to help customers with their problems such as locating packages, returning items, and assisting delivery drivers with timely delivery. Customer Service associates will be able to interact with customers via chat, phone, email, and even Alexa.

    Sign Up for Amazon Customer Service Associates here

    How it Pays

    Amazon pays its customer support agents through Amazon Pay. Their exact pay rate is unclear.

  10. Working Solutions

    Working Solutions is an on-demand sales and customer service provider. You can join one of the many positions they offer for service representative agents. There is a list of opportunities available on their website for both native and non-native speakers.

    Sign Up for Working Solutions here

    How it Pays

    Working Solutions pay their agents through Direct Deposit or Checks. The pay rate depends on the different programs you work in. Agents can make anywhere from $9 – $30 per hour.


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