Make People Laugh and Get Paid: 3 Fun Websites you can Join

Make People Laugh and Get Paid 3 Fun Websites you can Join

By now most of you must know that the internet offers a lot of weird ways to make money online. One of those funny ways is to make people laugh and get paid. If you are good at writing comedy content, creating funny memes or creating funny videos then this guide is a gold mine for you.

Funny content has always been appreciated by the masses. I mean who doesn’t need a good laugh right? Humorous content has started taking over the internet by storm, whether it’s funny articles, videos or memes. We are going to list down some websites for you that allow you to do just that.


How to Make Money by Making People Laugh

Here are 3 websites where you can get paid to make people laugh by creating funny content:

College Humor is a comedic and entertainment website that allows writers to earn money by publishing funny content on its platform. Founded by two high school students, this leading entertainment company runs by publishing funny content for adults. The website features daily comedy content including composing of videos, articles, comics, jokes etc. 

Users can contribute articles and pictures on their website. There are two ways to earn online on this website, you either submit an article or can create a comic or a funny picture and submit that. 

Payment Details

CollegeHumor pays good cash for articles and photos. For photos they hand out $25-35 per gallery. For articles they pay you $25 if they publish it on the Articles Page$35 for a single page article, $50 for multi page article, $50 if it publishes on the main page and additional $50 if the article gets 100,000 reviews

College Humor

Cracked is basically a humor website that allows writers to publish funny content, info-graphics and videos and earn money online by entertain people from all over the world. The website has a several categories including Movies and TV, Video games, Science, Technology History and music etc.

Payment Details

Cracked pays its users through PayPal. The company pays a full $100 for a Full-length article that they approve and publish. That’s more than you can ask for. They have also stated that once you have published 4 articles the amount will jump directly to $200. If your article lands in the Top 10 articles of the month then you will get another $50 bonus.



Another most popular type of funny content among youngsters nowadays are memes. These sarcastic images are guaranteed to get a quick laugh out of people. Here’s a website that helps you make money while making memes. is a website that is dedicated to meme makers. This website helps users make money online by publishing humorous content. How it works is the users make money from the advertisements on the website or Donations. Every meme has a sponsored ad banner below it. Users make money from those ad impressions. So the higher the impressions, the more money you make. Its that simple. 

Payment Details

PicturePunches pays its users through PayPal. The amount of earnings depend on the impressions from the ad. You a dollar per 1000 impressions. The minimum withdrawal amount is $1.


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