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Cracked Guide: Earn Money by Writing Funny Articles

Earn money by writing funny content Cracked is basically a Humor website that allows writers to publish funny content, info-graphics and videos and earn money online by entertain people from all over the world. Cracked has millions of subscribers who read and share their content on daily basis. The website was founded in 2007 by Jack O-Brien and it has been getting popular since then. The website has a several categories including Movies and TV, Video games, Science, Technology History and music etc. So if you like reading funny stuff then don’t wait another moment to subscribe to it.

Earn money by writing funny content Cracked

How to Write for invited writers from all over the world to join the website and write funny articles, submit funny info-graphics and create great videos to earn money online. If you can write some good quality funny stuff then they’re probably searching for you to join their crew. The best part is that the process of joining the website is fairly simple and you will be able to start writing immediately after your account is approved. Once your article is published you will be paid handsomely for it. You will have thousands and thousands of people reading your article. To get an idea of the kind of articles they’re looking for, click HERE.

Not only you can post articles but you can also create and share good and funny images and videos too. So if you’re good at photo and video editing then this website ca prove to be a gold mine for you. But since we are focusing on writing stuff here so we won’t go into details for photos and videos.

The process for signing up is very simple. Even if you don’t have experience and don’t have any portfolio to show to them you can still apply and they won’t turn your application down. In fact, they have mentioned it clearly that fresh people can apply openly and their application will be considered equally. They have a whole team of editors who will help you get in shape. The best part of publishing articles on is your name will be appearing right above the article that you wrote and you will be able to see the number of views your article has accumulated.

To become a part of the Writer’s team follow this LINK. Payment Details pays a full $100 for a Full-length article that they approve and publish. That’s more than you can ask for. They have also stated that once you have published 4 articles the amount will jump directly to $200. If your article lands in the Top 10 articles of the month then you will get another $50 bonus. As soon as your article is published you will be paid immediately through Paypal.

Final Words offers a great opportunity for people who are creative and who can write funny and humorous articles. They pay very handsomely but they ask for quality in exchange. If you’re completely new to writing, I’d suggest you to do some writing practice. They only hire the best so you need to be up to the mark. Get some idea, read the articles that they’ve already published to grab a picture of what you really have to do and then give it your best shot. I wish you all the success.

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  1. Hi! I’d like to say that I am quite experienced in writing (6 years to be precise). And I hope to be accepted!

    Great article, author! I had found some reviews about Cracked elsewhere but I think you have written the best I have found so far! 🙂 Except for the fact: you could use a proofreader! 😉

    Edit your article a bit, if you can! And keep up the excellent work! 🙂

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