Earn money by publishing funny content on CollegeHumor

CollegeHumor.com is a comedic and entertainment website that allows writers to earn money by publishing funny content on its platform.  Headquartered in New York city, this leading entertainment company runs by publishing funny content for adults. The website features daily comedy content including composing of videos, articles, comics, jokes etc. The company was founded by two college students (not so ironically). CollegeHumor media now has other websites under its portfolio like CollegeHumor.com, Dorkley.com and Jest.com.

Earn money by publishing funny content on CollegeHumor


Though most of the media content is created in-house by the CollegeHumor team, they also give a chance to people to contribute articles and pictures on their website. There are two ways to earn online on this website, you either submit an article or can create a comic or a funny picture and submit that. First we are going to discuss how to submit articles on this website.


To become a writer for CollegeHumor, visit their website and e-mail the Editorial team your idea for the article. You can e-mail them at Articles@collegehumor.com. It will take a few days for the editors to get back to you. If they like your idea they will work with you to help you craft the perfect article for their website.

If your a lone worker, you could also write your own article (take note, it HAS to be funny) and submit it on the above mentioned email. After a few days you will receive an email informing you about the approval status of your article. It depends on the team whether they find your article interesting enough to publish it on their website. So if they accept your article, they will send you an e-mail to inform you. They will also send you a Tax form along with payment details.


If you have a talent for producing graphics or funny comics then CollegeHumor is the best place for you. The process is the same for submitting graphics as well. Just make a funny picture or comic and simply submit it on Galleries@collegehumor.com. Again, the team will review your content and if they like what they see, they will inform you about it.


CollegeHumor pays good cash for articles and photos. For photos they hand out $25-35 per gallery. For articles they pay you $25 if they publish it on the Articles Page, $35 for a single page article, $50 for multi page article, $50 if it publishes on the main page and additional $50 if the article gets 100,000 reviews!

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Written by: WebEmployed Admin