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Make Money Online as an Influencer on ShopYourLikes

make money as influencer shopyourlikes

Social media is the biggest innovation of the twenty-first century that has helped people earn money from the comfort of their homes. No wonder more and more people are looking toward making money online as influencers. You can get all the perks and earnings without a restricted 9-5 job.

If you are a social media influencer who’s seeking out ways to make more money and earn more through your content,  ShopYourLikes is right up your alley. Shopyourlikes is a platform that helps influencers connect with brands and retailers willing to pay for sponsoring their content. It’s a great way to engage your followers and earn some extra money through your social media.

ShopYourLikes is a USA-based online platform that allows users to monetize their accounts through their followers. As an influencer, you earn by sponsoring the content of various retailers that reach out to you.

How it Works

ShopYourLikes has partners in retail that are willing to pay influencers for promoting their products on their social media handles. The retailer pays you for every click you get for promoting the product. The company gets more customers through this and you get more money. It’s a win-win situation for both.

Every time you get a click, this will be recorded and you will receive a score called the “performance score”. This score determines your overall performance. This score can help you understand how your earnings may fluctuate over time. Keep a track of your performance in the analytics tool to understand what strategies help you get more clicks and an increase in performance.

So in summary, the more clicks you get the more traffic will the retailer website receive and the more money you will make.

Getting Started

This monetization platform works through invitations only. So if you want to team up with the platform, you can send in a request by clicking on “Request Invite”.

Upon clicking, you will see a form where you can add your email, social media platform, and a referral code. Once you have sent your request, you will then have to wait for its approval. ShopYourLikes team will reach out to you if your request gets approval. After the approval, you can start using it for your earnings. There are two ways you can earn from this platform:

  • Influencer Program

Influencers earn through a Pay-Per-Click system. Hence, the earnings depend on the number of clicks you receive on the link of the retailer’s website, that the influencer shares on their social media platform. Each influencer’s clicks and sales are tracked to calculate the amount they will get paid.

If a click turns into a sale, you earn higher than what you’ve earned through a non-sale click, so try to get as many sales as possible. Keep in mind that there is no fixed amount of earnings you will receive for the promotion of each product and it varies from retailer to retailer.

  • Referral Program

You can also earn through the ShopYourLikes Referral Program. Once you have earned at least $300, you will be eligible to participate in the referral program. Influencers can then refer friends to join ShopYourLikes via their referral code.

Once both you and your referred connections reach the $300 threshold, you will be able to receive a referral bonus. This bonus is $100 in real money. After your first referral, you will be able to earn $25 per referral, keeping in mind that your referral has to reach the minimum earning of $300.

Payment Details

Shopyourlikes pays its influencers via PayPal, hence you need to add your account details under the payment section. US residents will be required to file a tax form while users from other countries can email to get their respective forms.

Payment is usually done after 45 days from the close of the month. To request a payout, influencers need a minimum earning of $25.

ShopYourLikes is a legitimate website with a trust score of 100 by Scam Adviser. For more information check out the company’s FAQ Page.

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