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Get Paid to Create Social Content on Clubhouse App

make money clubhouse app

Looking for the newest way of earning through social media in 2021? The Clubhouse App is the latest entrant in the social media category that is allowing people to make money. The app is an audio content platform available on iOS and Android, which allows users to converse with eachother while earning money on the side. The app was started in 2021 in silicon valley and has garnered a lot of attention since Elon musk joined it.

While this all seems interesting, the real question remains; how are people making money off of it? In this guide, we discuss the various ways people are making money through this app. Read ahead to learn how you too can be a part of the clubhouse community and earn some cash off of it.

What is the clubhouse app?

Clubhouse is a social media app that allows a discussion between two people and allows other users to join in the conversation as listeners. It works like a podcast that hosts different conversations, some of them may interest you and others won’t. Users can follow other users and join discussion rooms or even start their own. It is basically like a podcast.make money clubhouse app

How to Make Money on the Clubhouse App?

There are a lot of different ways to make money on the Clubhouse app:

  1. Business Partnerships

    A familiar way of earning for influencers. Just like any other social media platform, Clubhouse too can be used to create your personal brand by gathering some followers and becoming an influential personality. This influence will allow you to partner with different brands, collaborate with them, and get paid for it too.

  2. Sponsorships

    Sponsorships are another familiar way of earning on other popular social media sites such as Instagram and Youtube. By building up a good following and fan base, companies can reach out to you and ask you to promote their products or services in exchange for money or other initiatives.

    In terms of Clubhouse, you can charge companies for engaging people in a discussion related to their products. The possibilities are endless and there is a lot of potential for sponsorships on this app.

  3. Membership fees

    As a popular influencer, you can earn money through your followers by creating a new service, product, or membership for money. You can arrange some free and some paid membership programs to cater to all types of followers and also earn money through this initiative.

    On the Clubhouse platform, influencers can charge for their conversations and advice. One successful example of this is Helen Pritchard. Helen started her business to train entrepreneurs, coaches, and businesses. She then started a free 5-day challenge program. After her success, she started a paid program which was sold for $1500

  4. Sell Products Directly

    A straightforward way to make money on the Clubhouse app is to advertise your products on your platform and sell it directly as well. This method is not a new one and has been previously used by influencers on other social media platforms such as Instagram. The same concept can be applied to Clubhouse and the results can be rewarding.

  5. Earn through Grants

    Although it is currently not confirmed, it is believed that the clubhouse app will start offering grants to content creators to encourage them to use their site and to share their content. This tactic has previously been used by many other social media sites such as Tiktok and Google Adsense. Such grants help the sites in developing their platform further and keep it engaging and popular.

  6. Tipping

Another way social media influencers can earn is through tips. Influencers can earn directly by the social media sites paying them for creating content on their apps or through some third-party tipping apps. Clubhouse recently started a tipping feature through which users can tip their favorite Clubhouse personalities, influencers etc.

The feature is a virtual tip jar. You can use the feature going to the profile of the influencer and clicking “send money” to send any amount of your choice. The payment will go to the creator, however, the sender will be charged a small card processing fee.

How to Get Started with Clubhouse App:

  1. Download the clubhouse app on android or iOS
  2. Create your account by registering on the app. enter your details and set up your profile
  3. Follow other users and accounts of interest
  4. Join in conversations that interest you
  5. Join clubs, rooms and start your own as well

Tips to be Successful on the Clubhouse Platform

To become an effective user on the Clubhouse app and start earning money through your following, follow these tips:

  • Catchy Bio – A bio that is not only attention-grabbing but also describes what your account is about, will attract a good following
  • Attractive Profile Photo – It is important to post a clear headshot that attracts people. Also, don’t change your profile photo too often, as It may prevent people from becoming familiar with you.
  • Social Media Handles – Add your Instagram and Twitter handles to your Clubhouse account as well.
  • Add your contact information so sponsors can easily contact you and collaborate with you.
  • Keep updating your Clubhouse bio with new information or skills you learn.

The Clubhouse is the latest talk of the town and the newest social media platform that is attracting a lot of attention. Many celebrities have started using it and have garnered a good following on it. It also has a lot of opportunities for content creators to earn money and may gain further interest in the future as well.

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