What is the new Fiverr Pro and how does it work?

What is Fiverr Pro and How it works

We all know about Fiverr and how it has emerged as one of the largest Freelance marketplaces. Well, they have recently launched their Premium service called “Fiverr Pro”. Fiverr Pro allows only a number of handpicked freelancers to join their platform. Once you become a member you will get a Pro label on the Fiverr website. This is especially good news for hardworking freelancers who have built their portfolio over the time. This is actually their way of rewarding those hard working experts by distinguishing them from other regular members. In this brief guide we will explain how you can join the ranks of premium freelancers and earn big money.

What is Fiverr Pro and How it works

The biggest benefit of becoming a Fiverr Pro member is you will be able to communicate with professional buyers. You will have the opportunity to work on high paying projects. It’s going to be different from the typical $5 gigs. Professional clients will be able to access your service directly and pay you fees that you deserve. Fiverr Pro gigs are currently available in the following categories only:

  • Graphics & Design > Logo Design
  • Writing & Translation > Articles & Blog Posts
  • Video & Animation > Whiteboard & Explainer Videos
  • Digital Marketing > Social Media Marketing

You can apply irrespective of the categories being relevant to you or not. Your familiarity with these categories won’t be the deciding factor in your application process. They will eventually start adding more categories to it. Here’s how the new interface looks with Fiverr Pro gigs:

Fiverr Pro Gigs

Benefits of Fiverr Pro

Here are some of the biggest benefits of becoming Fiverr Pro sellers:

  • The biggest benefit of course is you will be able to name your own price
  • Buyers will be able to distinguish you with a Pro label attached to your gigs
  • Buyers and visitors will have the option to display Pro gigs first. It’s the default option
  • Dedicated success managers will be providing you 24/7 VIP support
  • Fiverr will help you with all the issues and conflicts with your buyers
  • Fiverr won’t charge any extra referral fee from you. It will be the normal Fiverr referral free
  • The gig ordering process will be the same. There will be no extra hurdles

How to join Fiverr Pro

Whether you are new to Fiverr or have extensive experience with it, you are eligible to apply as a Fiverr Pro. Here are the steps you need to perform to achieve the Fiverr Pro status:

  1. Start your application process through this LINK.
  2. You will be asked to enter your personal information including your name, phone number and address.
  3. In the next step you will be asked about your professional experience. It’s best to fill the information as honestly as possible. You will have to enter the URLs of the online portals  you have worked with.
  4. In the next step you will be asked where and how you offer your professional services. You will have to write 4 to 5 sentences about yourself. Try to make it brief and concise. It’s best to include your passion for freelancing and your future hopes.
  5. Then you will have to enter your education details. If you have completed any online courses or certifications then it’s best to mention them here.
  6. In the next step you will have to enter your professional information in detail. You will have to choose your area of expertise as shown below.
    Fiverr Pro Professional Information
  7. Once you select your area of expertise you will be asked to enter more information about it like, what do you love about creative writing? what’s the hardest part about it? etc.
  8. In the last step you will have to share your project information. You will have to enter the details about your previous projects with clients. And that’s about it.

You will receive confirmation about your submitted application afterwards. Your application will be analyzed through a detailed vetting process. Once your application gets approved Fiverr will contact you. It shouldn’t take more than a few days. If you have any other questions in your mind the FAQ section HERE should help you. Here’s a detailed guide that explains how you can earn money by doing short tasks on Fiverr. We wish you the best of luck with getting your awesome Fiverr PRO status.

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