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Make Money by Renting out Parking Space: 7 Apps that Pay

Make Money by Renting out Parking Space 7 Apps that Pay

Did you know that 1 out of 10 cars that pass by your house are looking for a parking space? Depending on where you live, you can easily make money by renting out your parking space and earn a decent side-income. There are many parking apps and services out there that allow people like you to utilize your driveways and earn from them.

The demand for parking spaces is very high as traffic gets more congested, which gives you a good opportunity to earn. By doing so, you will not only save the driver’s time, but you will also save the unnecessary trips taken by drivers to find a parking space that contributes to tremendous carbon emissions.

Not only will you be helping the environment but also your pockets.

List of Apps that Pay you to Rent out Parking Space

  1. ParkingForMe

    Parking for Me is a website that offers its services for residents of USA and Canada. The website works by finding unused parking driveways and listing them on their websites for use by anyone looking for a parking spot.

    Lenders can register their space and specify timings during which the driveway is free for use. You can also lend your driveway for advance booking. Once listed, you will be allowed to set up parking rates of your choice. The website has options for hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly charges as well. If you are interested in renting out your driveway, register by clicking on the sign-up button, and list your space. JOIN HERE

    Payment Details

    ParkingForMe accepts all kinds of payment gateways, credit cards, and banks. So you can easily negotiate the payment method with the customer. The company does not handle payments for your driveway.

  2. Stashbee

    Stashbee is a UK based company that deals in services such as providing storage spaces, garages, and parking spaces. It’s a great place to list your unused spaces and earn an extra income.

    To give your parking space for rent, you can create your account on the website, where you will be required to add the location of your driveway, add its dimensions (height, depth, and width) and upload clear photographs of the parking space. Once done, you can then manage your bookings and engage with customers to rent up your space. You will be able to earn an income on monthly basis via Stashbee’s online, cashless system. JOIN HERE

    Payment Details

    Your earning can vary upon the kind of parking space you have as well as the city location. Users can make about £70 – £175 per month. Stashbee manages payments through Stripe. You can calculate your driveway’s price when listing on Stashbee.

  3. Parklet

    Parklet is a marketplace for storage and parking that allows its customers to save 20%, which is why it is a great place for car-park owners to earn. The company operates in the UK and offers its services all over the country. You can advertise your parking space for free on the company’s app and let out a parking space on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

    To start earning, first, find the price rate of your parking space by going to the price guide provided by Parklet. You can then list your area by signing up on their website. If a customer is interested in renting your driveway, the Parklet team will contact you for a monthly tenant. You can also opt for daily and weekly bookings until you find a monthly tenant. However, a small fee will be charged for each short time booking and a one-off setup fee, and a monthly commission for the monthly contract. JOIN HERE

    Payment Details

    Parklet pays its lenders at the end of the month. The company accepts payments through Wordplay, VISA, Mastercard, Direct Debit, and American Express.

  4. YourParkingSpace

    YourParkingSpace is an app that allows drivers to book parking spaces for their vehicles. It is a UK based company that helps parking owners earn a good amount of side cash. The company is trusted with over 1 million users and a rating of 4.7 on Trust Pilot.

    As a parking space owner, you can check how much you can earn by entering the location of your park space on the website. This will give you an estimate of your earning. The amount you can earn varies location by location and also depends on whether it is situated in a town or city and being near airports, stadiums, the tube, etc.

    To list your parking space, go to the “list your parking space” tab, and enter your information to list for free. Once you have listed, you can choose to offer hourly services or even monthly services. After this, you can sit back and relax as every new booking will be notified with an email and text. JOIN HERE

    Payment Details

    Users can earn from £40 to £400, depending on where you live. YourParkingSpace handles all the payments for you. Users are paid via Bank Transfer or PayPal on the first business day of every month.

  5. ParkPnp

    If you are an Ireland based owner of a parking space or driveway, Parkpnp is a great place to rent your driveway and start earning from your parking space. It offers its bookers a savings of 70% which means there is a lot of potential earning from your parking space.

    You can list your parking space by going to “list your space”. Simply add your location and how much you would like to charge, along with a description of your space. You can choose hourly, daily as well as monthly charges. Once listed, you can arrange a meeting with your motorist if you want to convey any rules or regulations. JOIN HERE

    Payment Details

    All payments are made through Bank Transfer. The amount is automatically transferred to your account when the booking ends. Users have the opportunity to earn £2000 per year from the comfort of your home.

  6. ParkOnMyDrive

    ParkOnMyDrive is a car park offering company that operates in the UK, USA, and Australia. As a driveway owner, you can list your space by registering on the website and choosing the country where you are situated.

    The car park company takes a one-time yearly fee of £20 for advertising your car park. This fee will be charged when you get your first booking. The company does not take any commissions on your earnings. You have the opportunity to set up whatever charges you like for your driveway, be it hourly, daily or monthly charges.

    Make sure to provide a good description of your driveway so it is visible in the search bar of the app. You will see two description boxes when you are listing your space. One is for providing location description e.g. three-minutes’ walk from Wembley Stadium, and the second box is for adding a description of your driveway or garage. JOIN HERE

    Payment Details

    ParkOnMyDrive offers Cash payments on arrival. Users can also opt for the PayPal option, however, this option will take a commission from your earnings.

  7. Spacer

    Spacer is an Australian company that deals with unused parking and storage spaces. By listing your space, users can earn up to $4200 per year.

    You can become a spacer host for free by registering your space on the website. To list your parking space, provide a good description and photographs to attract more renters. Spacer advertises your listing and then the most suitable renter is accepted for you. JOIN HERE

    Payment Details

    The company handles all deposits and payment exchanges. Spacer deposits your earnings into your bank directly. Monthly payments will be made within a 24-hour window of your renter moving into your driveway and each month till the monthly booking ends. Users can earn up to $4,200 a year.

If you’re looking for more opportunities to earn side-income, you can also get paid for dog sitting. Do share you experiences in the comments section.

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