Get Paid for Dog Sitting: 6 Websites that Pay

Get Paid for Dog Sitting 6 Websites that Pay

Lets be honest about this, who doesn’t love dogs? We all do! With those loving eyes, wagging tongues and over enthusiastic barks, its very easy to fall in love with these creatures. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get paid for dog sitting jobs? We are going to share 6 websites where you can make money doing pet sitting jobs.

Some of these websites are actually mobile apps that you can install on your phone. You can easily monitor your dog sitting job and check your progress. Your payments will be sent to you at the end of the month.


Where to find Dog Sitting Jobs

Below are top of the line websites / apps to where you can make money doing dog sitting:

  1. Wag

    Wag is an app that allows users to make money by walking dogs. The company requires you to be over 18 years of age and have previous experience of walking dogs.

    To become a dog walker, start your application HERE.

    While applying, you will be tested for dog safety and care, and other dog essentials. Once you pass you can start working with Wag.

    Users can set their own schedule and view all available walks in their area. With this app, users can choose the kind of dog they want to walk, how long the walk should be or if they want to choose one-time walk or a recurring one. The choice is all yours.

    How does Wag Pay:

    Wag pays its walkers through a payment platform called Payable. Dog walkers earn $12 plus tip for a 30 minute walk. The earning are automatically transferred to the walker’s bank account once a week.
  2. Rover

    Rover is a popular website for cat and dog owners. This website allows multiple options for pet owners like home sitting, day care, walking and more.

    To start working as a sitter sign up HERE.

    Once you begin your application process, you’ll have to create your profile and mention the types of cats/dogs you would like to care for. Once you are accepted, you can then make your own schedule and work whenever it suites you.

    How does Rover Pay:

    Rover pays its users through PayPal or direct deposit. You can make up to $1000 per month, its up to you to set up your hourly rate. You will receive your earnings into your account at the end of each month.
  3. Petsitter

    Petsitter is a website that connects all kinds of pet owners to their sitters. The company helps find pet sitting jobs for these owners. These jobs can be anything from walking the pet, to home sitting and more. The website is like a job board for pet services. Users can apply separately for different jobs. You can start by setting up your profile for owners to look you up.

    To apply for pet sitter jobs click HERE.

    How does Petsitter Pay:

    Pet sitter pays its users by Direct Deposit. Users can set up their own hourly rates.
  4. Pawshake

    Pawshake is a UK based company that offers dog care services like walking, sitting and more.

    To become a dog sitter apply HERE.

    After creating your profile you can select the kind of services you offer for dogs. Sitters can create their own schedules and set availability. When the owner selects you as the sitter, you can then confirm your booking through the app.

    How does Pawshake Pay:

    Pawshake pays its users through PayPal or credit card. The sitters set up their own hourly rate. The amount is transferred through Escrow and once the service is done, the payment is released.
  5. DogBuddy

    Dogbuddy is another reliable dog sitting app in the UK. The company provides doggy day care, dog walking and dog boarding services.

    To become a sitter apply HERE.

    Dog sitters can choose the kind of service they want to provide and the kind of dogs they want to look after. Sitters can also make their own schedule according to their ease. Once the owner finds a sitter that is available on the due dates, they can book them online. Moreover, When the sitter has confirmed their booking, they can begin.

    How does Dogbuddy Pay:

    Dogbuddy pays its sitters through Bank Transfer. There are no established rates for dog services, which means the sitters can set up their own rates on an hourly basis. Users can make approximately $150 per week.

    NYC POOCH is a dog walking company that provides best and most trained dog walkers in the city. What’s different is the company hires full-time employees not independent contractors. The users are then fully trained in canine behavior, safety and health by certified dog trainers.

    To become a full time dog walker apply HERE.

    How does NYC POOCH Pay:

    NCY POOCH pays its dog walkers through Direct Deposit. Dog walkers make $20-30 per hour and can make extra $10+ for after-hours walk.

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