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Make Money as a Greeting Card Writer: 7 Websites that Pay

Make Money as a Greeting Card Writer

Do you love putting thoughts into words? Have you ever read a card thinking you could write it better? Here’s a unique opportunity for all to make money as a greeting card writer. If you have a way with words and flair for writing, there are companies that pay people like you to write greeting cards!

You might be surprised to know that greeting cards are a billion-dollar industry. Since everyone loves a token of love that they can keep forever, greeting cards are always in demand; especially on special occasions like Holidays, Birthdays, etc. That is why these companies need writers that can produce some great lines for greeting cards.

List of Websites that Pay for Writing Greeting Cards

If you want to become a greeting card writer and earn some money, here’s a list of greeting card companies that you can submit your work to and get paid!

  1. Hallmark

    When talking about greeting cards, there’s no doubt the first company that comes in mind is Hallmark. However, the company does not accept writing submissions from outsiders. They have a team of in-house writers that are dedicated to writing greeting cards.
    So, if you think you have what it takes to become a writer and start your career full time, you will have to apply on their jobs portal.

    Hallmark writers can earn from $4500 – $6000 a month. The maximum earning limit depends on your location.

  2. Blue Mountain Arts

    Blue Mountain Arts is a popular greeting card company. They sell greeting cards, calendars, books, and other gifts online. The company always welcomes new submissions from writers and are ready to pay you if your writing makes the cut.

    To become a writer on Blue Mountain Arts, you have to first read the guidelines on what kind of content they are looking for. To submit your writing, fill out the form on their website and write your poem or sentence for the greeting card in the message body. This is a crucial step or else your submission will not be accepted. If your submission is accepted, you will be contacted within 8 weeks.

    The company pays its writers anywhere from $50 for one-time use to $300 for repeated use on cards.

  3. NobleWorks

    NobleWorks is a greeting cards company with a very unique selling point. The company prides itself on reinventing greeting cards by introducing humor, sarcasm, and inappropriate jokes instead of the usual sweet sentiments.

    They are always looking for new writers to come up with fresh and funny content to knock their socks off. So if you think you have a knack for funny, sarcastic jokes, then think is the perfect place to submit your work.

    To share your work for review, go to their artist section, and fill out the form. Once that’s done, you will get an email from them confirming your interest in submitting your work. Follow the steps and shoot them an email, submitting your writings. If they like what they see, you should expect a call.

    NobleWorks have not disclosed how much they pay their artists or writers, so be sure to ask about it when you submit your writings.

  4. Calypso Cards

    Calypso Cards is a greeting card company that specializes in sophisticated and contemporary card designs. The company encourages freelancers to work with them. If you are interested in submitting your work, go to their submissions page to check what the company is currently looking for.
    The company usually posts the kind of content they are currently in need of. To submit your content, read the guidelines on the submission page, and email your submission.

    The company hasn’t disclosed how much they pay for submissions. However, if you are one of the lucky ones, you can always ask and bargain.

  5. Oatmeal Studios

    Oatmeal Studios card company has a collection of vibrant cards. Their cards contain a lot of sass and have funny one-liners that make their cards unique. The company has a portal for submission guidelines for writers and artists.
    To submit your work on Oatmeal Studios start with a great idea and turn it into great words. Once you are ready to submit your final work, email them a copy of your writing. If your work gets accepted you will be contacted via email to discuss the payment.

    The company pays you up to $100 for a sample.

  6. Amber Lotus

    Amber Lotus Publishing is a greeting card company that offers cards, coloring books, calendars, books, and more. The company focuses on being environmentally friendly and has strongly resonated that in their brand image.
    The company welcomes freelance writer’s submissions. Writers can submit their work by emailing the company with 4 to 5 writing samples attached. If your work is satisfactory, the company will contact you for further information.

    The company pays its writers market competitive pay.

  7. Avanti Press

    The Avant Press company has a line of vibrant and fun card designs. They are always welcoming future contributions to their card designs. To submit your writings, you have to mail your samples to the address mentioned on their web form. Remember to always mail your copies and not the original work, since the companies do not return it.

    The company pays its contributors a market competitive pay.

This concludes our list of companies currently looking for creative writers. If you are interested in more companies for future writings, here are some companies to keep your eye out for: Viabella, P.S Greetings, ComStock, ShadeTree Greetings, RSVP, and American Greetings.

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