7 Websites where you can Make Money as a Creative Writer

7 Websites where you can Make Money as a Creative Writer

Creative writing is a super fun activity to convert your unstoppable creativity and imagination and put it in use. Not only is it a brain pleasing activity but also a rewarding job to earn money through tasks that aren’t tedious for the bursting brains of passionate writers. Whether you’re a creative writing degree holder or just a passionate writer; you can use your skills to start earning money online through a range of websites that require services of writers like you.

What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing is any writing that involves the creativity of mind. It’s a broad term that covers different types of writing styles, all of them encompassing human emotions. Creative writing can be for used for a number of purposes including entertainment, information and education. This type of writing puts human imagination to test. Here are the most common forms:

  • Poetry writing
  • Fiction writing
  • Story writing
  • Ad writing
  • Memories
  • Speech writing
  • Television and Movie scripts
  • Personal essays

Earn Money as Creative Writer: List of 7 Websites

Here’s a breakdown of a few websites where you can work and get paid for creative writing:

  1. Poets&Writers

    Poets and writers is a literary magazine and a platform for writers to interact with each other and share their writing materials. The website has a database of numerous writing job opportunities on the web; ranging from writing and editing, to publishing. You can click on the link of your preferred job and you will be directed to the employer’s site.


    Each job opportunity has unique payment procedure which can be viewed on the employer’s site. The pay ranges from employer to employer.

  2. Writing Bunny

    Writing bunny offers a wide range of writing jobs for creative writers and allows them to choose different topics based on their skill set. Once you create an account on the website and pass their quality control test, Writing Bunny will deliver any available writing jobs that matches your skill set, to your email. You can set your rates in your profile and then increase them once your stats improve. You can apply as a writer, a translator and even a voice actor at writing bunny.


    You can withdraw your funds using PayPal, Payoneer or Wire Transfers. However, you need a minimum of $15 for Payoneer and at least $50 for Wire Transfers.

  3. WeLocalize

    WeLocalize requires services of writers who can translate a language and write content in that specific language. The company offers translation jobs in languages such as Dutch, German, Japanese, Vietnamese, French, Portuguese, Hebrew, Indonesian, Swedish, Turkish and Italian.

    Once you apply, you will have to complete a language test and then you can start applying for jobs.


    The website pays its workers through a payment gateway called HyperWallet. Writers are paid on weekly basis. There is no minimum threshold for the payout.

  4. Sports Networker

    Sports Networker offers a writing internship for writers who are passionate about sports. They require writers who can research well and contribute to daily article production on the website. If you have experience in online publishing and are familiar with word press, then you can apply for this position. In addition, you are also required to have some SEO experience.


    You can only earn money at Sports Networker if you work as a Feature columnist. And there’s no fixed pay for the role. You earn 20% commission based on the sales generated from your content. Here’s the commission structure.

  5. Contentor

    Contentor is a text translation services company. It offers job opportunities for content writers and translators. You can submit your resume through their online application system. The team at Contentor will evaluate your application and let you know if you are suitable to be a part of their writers team.


    Contentor hasn’t revealed any information about their payment rates and payment methods. However, judging from their online profile it has to be a decent income.

  6. Relay Pub

    RelayPub is a book packaging and publishing company that works with freelance writers who work closely with the company to write books and stories that make their way to the market. RelayPub gives its writers a topic to brainstorm on and create a devouring story using their imagination. You can submit your application on the website along with a writing sample.


    They have a payment per word system. For each word you get from $0.03 to $0.06. Just imagine how much you can earn by writing a whole book.

  7. Inbox Done

    InboxDone is an email service provider for business managers, CEOs etc. The aim of this service is to manage emails for busy people who have too much on their plate managing their business and don’t have time for emails.

    The company hires inbox managers who work online managing emails of different company individuals and writing appropriate replies to different emails. The company hires inbox managers on a yearly rolling basis. If this kind of job holds your interest you can apply on their website. Once you get selected, you will undergo a training period of one month in which you will learn to handle emails and work effectively.


    They haven’t shared any details about their payment method and rates. However, you will be paid for the Training period as well. And once your training is complete, your payment rate will increase too.

As a writer you have a wide range of job opportunities on the web and most of these jobs don’t require you to be an acclaimed professional writer. You can use your passion and creativity for writing to earn money through a job that you enjoy. If you enjoy writing, check these websites on how to make money online through proof reading and 10 writing websites that pay upfront.

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