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Get Paid to Write Captions and Subtitles Online

get paid to write captions

If you are a beginner in the world of freelancing and are looking to find an easy side gig to start earning, then this might be the guide for you. Writing captions or subtitles for videos is one of the simplest work-from-home jobs out there.

So what are captions and why do companies need them? Video captions involve translating audio sounds into text. These captions aid people in understanding dialogs better, or simply watching the video without turning the audio on.

Now, companies need people to translate that speech from their videos so they can be converted into subtitles and captions. That’s where you come in. Your job is to do exactly that.

Websites that Pay you to Write Captions and Subtitles

This guide lists the best platforms and websites to where you can get paid for writing captions or subtitles. Here’s a list of the best ones out there:

  1. REV

    Rev is one of the most popular text-to-speech solutions providers. The platform has a rating of 4.4 on Trustpilot. Rev hires freelance captioners from different countries.

    To become a captioner, the company first asks you to take an English grammar test, along with a caption sample. Once your application is approved, you can start right away.

    Captioners can make anywhere from $240 to $1570 per month. Rev pays its captioners through PayPal.

    Sign Up for Rev here.

  2. HappyScribe

    Happyscribe is another trusted text-to-speech service, that provides subtitles and transcription services online. The company offers work-from-home jobs from different countries.

    To start earning, the company first requires you to take an assessment and complete a questionnaire. You can start working on projects, once your application is approved.

    Subtitles can earn an average of 450 € to 3000 € per month. The company pays its workers through Wise.

    Sign Up for Happyscribe here

  3. Take1

    Take1 is a service provider for transcription, translation, and captioning services. The platform hires freelancers from all over the world to become a part of its team.

    To join the team, you must first submit your CV and complete a spelling test. Once you have filled out the form, and are shortlisted, you can start working.

    Sign Up for Take1 here

  4. Vanan Captioning

    Vanan Captioning offers translation and captioning services. With a rating of 4.6 on Glassdoor, this company is another good platform for freelancers. They provide services to some of the best companies in the world including Youtube, Amazon, Vimeo and hulu.

    You can become a part of the team by filling in their registration form.

    Sign Up for Vanan Captioning here

  5. 3PlayMedia

    3PlayMedia is a transcription and closed captions service provider. The company hires independent contractors from all over.

    To start working as a captioner, the company requires you to fill up the form and attach your resume. Once you are cleared, you can start working. The company pays its captioners a good amount per hour compared to other services.

    Sign Up for 3PlayMedia here

  6. Capital Captions

    Capital Captions is a UK-based company that provides captioning, subtitles, transcription, and voice-over services. The company boasts major clients like SkyNews, NBC, WarnerBros, and more.

    The company recruits professionals with over 2 years of experience. To become a part of their team, applicants are required to pass an audio/video test that tests the applicant’s grammar and research skills.

    Apply for Capital Captions here

  7. CrowdSurf

    CrowdSurf is an on-demand captioning and transcription service provider. The company hires freelancers from all over the world to work for them.

    The company pays freelancers on a per-task basis. So if you want to join as a captioner, you will first be required to pass an assessment. Once you are cleared, you can start working on your tasks.

    CrowdSurf pays its freelancers through a range of payment options including Direct Deposit and PayPal.

    Sign Up CrowdSurf here

  8. VITAC

    VITAC previously known as ‘Caption Colorado’ is another caption service company that provides services such as closed captioning, audio description, and subtitling services.

    VITAC only hires expert captioners, which means applicants must have good typing and communication skills. The company requires applicants to take a 30-minute assessment to get screened. Once you get in, you become part of their expert captioners.

    The company provides its workers with a fixed monthly salary plus benefits.

    Apply for VITAC here

  9. Aberdeen Broadcast Services

    Aberdeen is another company that offers captioning, subtitling, transcription, and translation services online. The company doesn’t offer freelance options but hires applicants for permanent jobs.

    To become a part of Aberdeen, you must fulfill their work requirements. The company requires your resume, once they have screened you, you will be contacted to take their test. If you pass, you’ll be joining them as an expert.

    Aberdeen pays its employees around $16 – $20 per hour.

    Apply for Aberdeen here

  10. Captioning Star

    Captioning Star offers captioning services such as closed captions, live captions, as well as open and broadcast captions. The company is always looking for more captioning experts.

    To become a part of their team, simply fill up their form online and wait for the company to call you back.

    Apply for Captioning Star here

If you are looking for more options on getting freelance captioning or subtitles jobs, there are not the only platforms out there. There are hundreds of captioning jobs being posted online on different freelance platforms as well; like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, and more. Always keep your options open when working on freelance gigs.


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