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Get Paid to Test and Review Products: 6 Websites that Pay

test and review products

Does receiving free products from big companies sound nice? Well, there are quite a lot of companies that send their products to get reviewed by the consumers. Moreover, the consumers get to keep the products and get paid for their reviews as well. This helps them find out if a product they are about to launch will be a success or not. These products range from food, technology, cosmetics, clothing, and more.

The best part is that reviewers get to keep them. Some companies pay you cash for reviewing, others may give out some vouchers. So if you’re looking to earn a side income, testing and reviewing products can be a great option for you. Moreover, you also get to be the first to try new products from some of the top brands.

In this guide, we list some of the most popular companies that offer attractive benefits and pay you for product reviews:

  • PineCone Research (U.S. based)
  • JJ Friends & Neighbors (U.S. based)
  • McCormick and Company (U.S., Canada and UK based)
  • SheSpeaks (U.S. based)
  • Ipsos iSay (UK based)
  • ClicksResearch (Global)
  1. PineCone Research

    Pinecone is a market research platform that gathers reviews of consumers across the country. It hosts studies of various companies and allows you to give your feedback on their products. To start reviewing PineCone, you can sign up on their website after which you receive study notifications to complete a product study.

    Payment Details

    For every study completed, you will get points that you can redeem after they’ve reached a certain value. The redemption rewards vary. They range from cash rewards to discounts, free vouchers, and more. PineCone offers a flat rate of $3 per study.

  2. JJ Friends and Neighbors

    Friends and Neighbors is a product testing program owned by Johnson and Johnson which is one of the biggest companies in cosmetics, with popular products like Neutrogena, Clean and Clear, etc. The Friends and Neighbors program allows consumers to test and review J&J products before they are launched. This means you get a variety of products such as makeup, skincare products, and more for free. In return, the company requires you to give your honest feedback on the products you used.

    The program also has other opportunities to participate in such as surveys, group discussion activities, or forums as well as being part of various test panels. To join this program, you can sign up on the website, after which you will get a study invitation.

    Payment Details

    Consumers receive free products and visa gift cards as rewards. After the close of a study, you may receive an honorarium as a token of appreciation, such as a Prepaid Visa® Card.

  3. McCormick and Company

    McCormick is a food products company with products ranging from baking ingredients, to frozen food, and more. The company extends rewards to consumers who wish to review their products. As a consumer, you get to taste their food items and earn cash rewards for reviews.

    To participate in their testing program, you can apply on their website. By applying, your name will enter their database after which you will receive an invitation for participating in a study whenever you meet their demographic requirement.

    Payment Details

    Studies are usually around 30 minutes and reviewers get rewarded with Amazon gift cards worth $10 to $15. McCormick also has in-facility tests that are offered to residents living in Baltimore.

  4. SheSpeaks

    SheSpeaks is a forum for women that allows them to voice their opinions, reviews, and much more. It’s a community of women from all over the world. The platform also has an option for posting reviews for various products so users can try out products and then post their feedback for other people to benefit from.

    Payment Details

    The platform sends free products to users and asks them to test and review them on their platform. Reviewers don’t get paid for their review, however, there are prizes for best review and also giveaways in which participants can participate. You can join this community by signing up on their website.

  5. Ipsos iSay

    Ipsos is a UK-based market research company that allows users to share their opinions on products for different brands. You can earn money for your opinions by filling out their surveys regarding products or your purchase habits. Sometimes you also get the opportunity to get free products to test.

    Payment Details

    The company pays its reviewers through gift cards that can be redeemed for prizes, virtual prepaid cards, merchandise, and charitable donations.

  6. Clicks Research

    Clicks Research is a platform that connects companies and product developers with consumers to help them evaluate how successful their products are and how they’re performing in the market. As a participant, you will be joining a pool of testing volunteers from around the world who will receive free products for testing and reviewing.

    Payment Details

    To get started, you have to sign up and add information according to which you will get invitations for testing. You can also complete their paid surveys which will give you points. These points can then be redeemed for £25 once you have 2500 points. For more information, check out their FAQ page.

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