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How to Make Money as a Mystery Shopper online: 5 Apps to Join

make money as a mystery shopper

Mystery Shopping is a research method that retail companies use to collect information on their stores. These companies hire mystery shoppers to act as a customer and get information on their behalf. This information can help companies provide better services by continuously improving their services.

Since mystery shoppers are paid to shop at a store and provide feedback, this means going out. For those who are looking to make money online without having to leave their house, here’s where “Phone Mystery Shopping” comes in handy.

Online or phone mystery shoppers, only have to call the company and find out some information, just like a regular customer does. After completing your investigation, simply report back your experience and get paid for it.

List of Online Mystery Shopping Websites

Here’s a list of websites that hire online and phone mystery shoppers to call and get feedback from companies:

  • CustomerWise (UK based company)
  • Yardi Matrix (Real estate mystery shopping)
  • ARC (Telephone based mystery shopping company)
  • Perception Strategies (Healthcare based mystery shopping company)
  • iShopFor Ipsos (UK based company with global services)
  1. CustomerWise

    Customerwise is a market research company in England. The company hires mystery shoppers for in-shop, online, and phone assignments from all over the world. To get started, you will be required to register yourself here.

    While registering, the company will require your personal, demographic and postal information. You will have to accept the company’s contract agreement to start working. Remember, you have to be above 18 years to work as a mystery shopper.

    After registering, the company will start sending you shopping assignments on your email according to your demographic data. Users can then choose to either accept or reject the assignment.

    Payment Details

    CustomerWise pays its shoppers through PayPal and Direct Deposit. The company pays its shoppers anywhere between £15 to £40 depending on the requirements of the assignment. Mystery Shoppers get paid once the assignment has been submitted. For more information check out their FAQ section.

  2. Yardi Matrix

    Yardi Matrix is a real estate company that pays mystery shoppers to call and collect information on multiple properties. The company however hires you as a temporary employee rather than giving out independent gigs. Something to consider when applying for mystery shopping.

    To become part of this company, check out their career page and apply for the job. Yardi Matrix requires you to pass a quiz and to have a basic telephone etiquette to start working for them.

    Payment Details

    Yardi Matrix pays its employees per hour. The company requires you to work 10 hours per week and the average pay per hour is $10-$11.

    This amount can also increase depending on the frequency of your calls and how fast you get the information. Along with pay, the company also offers its employees medical and dental insurance.

  3. ARC

    ARC is a telephone mystery shopping company. The company hires mystery shoppers to call, email, or chat online with businesses, posing as actual customers to either place orders or ask questions and gather data.

    To become a mystery shopper at ARC apply here. After registration, the company will invite you to a mandatory online training session before getting shopping opportunities.

    Payment Details

    The company pays its mystery shoppers through a monthly Direct Deposit. They pay their workers between $3.50-$12 per assignment. ARC also encourages shoppers speaking different languages to apply as well.

  4. Perception Strategies

    Perception Strategies is a healthcare mystery shopping company. The company hires mystery shoppers to either go and visit the business and make detailed observations or phone calls and review responses. The mystery shoppers are provided with available tasks in the vicinity by the company.

    Perception Strategies usually has openings for mystery shopper positions all across U.S on their website. You can apply here and fill out their form. Once the company reviews it, they will contact you to start.

    Payment Details

    The company pays its mystery shoppers via Check once the task is complete. Online mystery shoppers rates start from $12 – $17, while mystery shoppers who visit and review setups are paid between $20 – $50.

  5. iShopFor Ipsos

    iShopfor Ipsos is a UK based mystery shopping company that offers it’s services globally. The company has various jobs for its registered mystery shoppers including online and onsite mystery shopping.

    To apply as a mystery shopper, you first have to register yourself and complete a test. After that, you fill out a questionnaire and add in your payment details.

    Once the company registers you, you will start getting job recommendations in your area within a few days. These job listings have various pay rates according to the difficulty of the tasks. You can choose whichever job you want to take.

    Payment Details

    The company pays its mystery shoppers via Bank transfer or other chosen payment gateway. The pay rate varies from task to task which can be as low as $3 or be as high as $150.

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