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How to get Started as a Content Creator with WONDR

Get started as content creator on Wondr

WONDR is a social learning platform for creators who want to educate to inspire change. Creators begin by signing up and building their community on the platform. Content creators can start earning money by offering subscriptions with the ultimate aim to inspire their members to create positive change. The network’s mission is to help creators up-skill the world through community-based learning.

WONDR has launched a platform to help content creators build a career out of what they know and enjoy. Educational creators can use the technology and network to grow their own communities and offer learning experiences that generate a sustainable income.

Creators cover a range of topics on WONDR from circular economics, conservation, and sustainable fashion to personal development and sustainable lifestyles.

How to become a Content Creator and make an Impact

WONDR is designed for creators who are educating people about environmental, social, and economic topics.

To start creating content on WONDR, users need to set up a page that they can brand and make look aesthetically inviting. Users can quickly start a Space, which is a unique feature to WONDR that helps Creators launch ‘rooms’ on different topics for the community to congregate in.

WONDR community

Creators can easily share their content, links, and build knowledge around core topics that they are passionate about. WONDR also allows content creators to collaborate with each other to help crowdsource knowledge together. Users can run events, workshops, get-togethers, and courses – all of which can be monetized through subscriptions and membership models.

The best thing about this app is, you don’t need thousands of followers to make a sustainable income. Any 10 members who truly care can help you generate enough.

Creators engage their members by being helpful and producing content or experiences that assist people with learning and taking action. These metrics allow creators to see which content is useful for the community so they can focus on what’s working.

Application Process

  1. Apply for a position by clicking on ‘Become a Creator’ here.Become a Creator on WONDR
  2. You will first need to answer some questions about yourself and your content goal.
  3. After setting up your profile you can start by creating your community page and adding your content.
  4. To generate income, set up your premium subscriptions and experiences to start.
  5. Get started by running events, get-togethers, workshops, and start group chats to build stronger relationships with your community and create engaged ‘superfans’.
  6. As a content creator, invite your followers from your social platforms, newsletters, or professional networks e.g
    a) Get rewards for bringing people together – plant trees
    b) We’ve planted over 700 trees. The more helpful interactions you create, the more you’ll be discovered from across the platform in your niche.

How to Set Up Subscriptions

Content creators can offer subscriptions to their followers to start earning a sustainable income. Here’s how:

  1. Create subscriptions based on what you want to offer to your members.
  2. Create a private space on your community profile where you want to deliver your premium offering.
  3. As more people start signing up for your subscriptions, you’ll be able to grant access to them so they can access your premium content, course material, events, and more.You’ll also be able to chat as a group, so you can communicate together about any important updates and provide links and information for your premium content.WONDR group chat

Ideas for subscriptions

Here’s are some ideas on how you can encourage your followers to subscribe to your community page and start generating income:

  • Events
  • Workshops
  • Courses
  • PDF guides / E-books
  • Exclusive videos and posts
  • Behind the scenes
  • Book clubs
  • Community pot for events
  • Access to private chat/community
  • Voting rights on future content
  • A 30-min zoom chat
  • Recognition

Payment Details

It’s interesting to know that WONDR doesn’t use ads, on the grounds of trying to minimize the spread of misinformation. The aim of the app is to have as much of a positive impact as the creators joining it.

The app allows content creators to cash in 100% of any earnings they make and are charged 0% fees.

Apart from the subscriptions, learners are able to access advanced features, direct access to the WONDR team, early access to new creators, and learning material. Plus, they are supporting a platform that doesn’t put their data up for sale through advertising.

In short, WONDR is a great platform to educate people about environmental, social, and economical issues, make an impact on the world, while making income from your content.

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