6 unique ways for Architects to make money online

How Architects Make Money Online

As an architect, have you ever wondered if you could make money online? Perhaps you are freshly graduated out of a university and looking to get some experience before you step into the big world? Worry not, we have just the resources to help you get work online. Our guide will enable you earn a stable passive income with your skills.

In this day and age, freelancing is the best option for people struggling with jobs or money. Everything can now be done online. This includes freelance architect jobs as well. Cool right? Whether it’s a one time job or a consistent array of projects; this guide will help you open a world of opportunities for freelancing.

List of 6 Freelance Platforms for Architects

Here are some websites that will pay you for your architect skills online. These include planning, designing or selling your projects and offering professional help to clients.

  1. Houzz

    Houzz is an website for architects, home renovation, home design and generally just connecting home design professionals with the owners. The platform allows professionals to showcase their skills and work by building a profile online. This helps the home owners look into your portfolio, review your work and hire you. The platform is a great way to get architects noticed and helps build their clientele.

    How it works

    Simply create your professional profile on their website. Once you’ve logged in, create your portfolio online with your contacts, bio and previous experience. You can also add your desired per hour rate as you wish. Once your profile is 100% complete, Houzz will index you according to your location.

  2. Shapeways

    Shapeways is a unique marketplace for 3D printing, where you sell your designs online. As a designer you are free to sell multiple designs to customers without the worry of manufacturing and shipping. Shapeways handles everything else for you.
    This is a great way to use your industrial designing skills and earn from it. Whether it be home models or any small parts, you design them and the company manufactures and ships them to your customers. This helps you save the manufacturing and logistics costs.

    How it works

    You start by creating your shop and its description. Once that is done, start by uploading your 3D design files, choose you’re product’s cost and click create. Once your store is online and running, the customers will eventually find your products and the rest is handled by Shapeways. For more information, check out their FAQ’s page.

  3. Workana

    Workana is a marketplace for all kinds of freelance professionals. Here you can promote your business by creating a profile online and let people find you for your skills. The platform allows you to find new customers willing to hire a freelance architect or even an AutoCAD designer. Connect with them and share your experience.

    How it works

    Start by creating your profile on the website. Build your profile by stating your skills and expertise. And finally set your rate. You can start working on Workana in two ways: You can either wait for clients to contact you through your profile and hire you, or you can search for projects posted by the clients and apply for the work. Either way, the work is in your own hands.

  4. 99Designs

    99 Designs is an online marketplace for designers. The platform connects professional graphic designers with clients all over the world for their work. This platform also offers opportunities for architects. There are always some clients looking for designers with AutoCAD skills. Though such projects are less posted, the opportunities still exist. With a range of categories to choose from, you can start your designing business here.

    How it works

    To start working, simply create an account on the website and sign up as a designer. After that, you can start by participating in a contest for the best design to be accepted or you can wait and be contacted by a client for your services. For more information, check out their FAQ’s page.

  5. CoContest

    Cocontest is a crowdsourcing platform for architects. The websites allows clients to open a contest for any of the home renovations or design ideas to the architects. Here the designers can participate in competitions and win cash awards for their work.

    How it works

    Clients from around the world submit their project needs and start a competition where anyone can apply. After getting submissions from designers, the competition is closed and the winner is announced. The cash award is then given to the winner.

  6. Toptal

    Toptal is a freelancing platform that connects top talent with the top businesses. The company hires top freelancers from around the world. They ensure that the freelancers they hire are vetted through a rigorous process before getting to work with the top companies.
    What makes this platform perfect for architects is that it is one of the most professional freelancing websites out there. The company connects freelancers to the best of the business, so you have something to boast about.

    How it works

    To start your career with Toptal, start by filling in your profile. Once your profile is submitted, the company will further test you for communication skills and your domain specific knowledge. This is just the initial testing. Once you are welcome to the fold, the company will match you against specific projects. For every project you will be interviewed and tested to ensure quality. So if you are applying, keep this in mind, Toptal is serious business.

Apart from freelancing projects, there are other ways to make money online. One of them is to start a blog. There are multiple platforms like WordPress, Blogger etc to help you get started with your blog. So now that you have all the resources to build your online architecture career, what are you waiting for?


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