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The Top Paying Online Freelance Jobs

There are six types of Freelance online jobs that are very popular all around the world in terms of hourly wages and high earning potential. These jobs include Writing jobs, Translation jobs, Freelance Photography, Mobile apps development, Social media campaigns and Search Engine optimization (SEO) jobs.

Those individuals who are skilled in these areas can earn huge amounts of money just by working online at their homes. Below is the Infographic that shows the comparison of these online jobs based on their earning potential and average earnings per year.

Types of Freelance Jobs

The different types of Freelance jobs in this comparison study are as under:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) jobs
  2. Social Media Marketing jobs
  3. Writing jobs
  4. Translation jobs
  5. Application Development jobs
  6. Photography and Design jobs

According to statistics, Writing and Photography / Design jobs are taking the lead. However, application development jobs are on the rise. They may surpass other types of freelance jobs in the near future.

Social media marketing jobs are also gaining popularity since the evolution of Instagram, Snapchat and other apps. It is expected that social media jobs will increase in the coming years.

SEO jobs are quite controversial in nature these days. With ever-increasing automation and intelligent Google crawl bots, things will become tough for conventional SEO experts.

Currently writing jobs are paying the most. The reason could be because of the increasing competition. Writing jobs are considered to be easier compared to other technical jobs. So the room for more competitors is always there.

We haven’t included other small types of Freelance jobs including Data entry and Web research. They are currently too minute in comparison with other jobs.


Top paying online freelance jobs


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  1. Hi this is Irfan am from India. I want to do part time online jobs , like data entry, Ad posting , Transcription etc from my Mobile. Can u help me out?

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