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3 Websites where you can Sell Book Cover Designs

3 Websites where you can Sell Book Cover Designs

Book cover is one of the most compelling features about a book. It plays a huge role when you are deciding to buy a book. This also presents an opportunity for designers to create and sell book cover designs to authors.

Though you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, many still consider the look of a book before reading it and every author knows the importance of a visually stunning book cover that grabs readers before the book has even started. After all, who doesn’t love a vivid and captivating book cover.

If you are passionate about books and want to build your graphics design career, do try this new way of creating engaging designs that book readers would cherish. In this guide we are going to share three websites that reward book cover artists for their skills.

Top 3 Websites for Book Cover Artists

Here are the top 3 websites where you can make money by selling your book cover art:


    The Book cover designer is an online book cover searching website that allows authors to find beautiful covers for their books. As a designer you can sell your work to these authors and get rewarded with money.

    You can start by creating your account on the website. Once you create your account on it you select the “Apply to become a vendor” option and then upload your designs. The designs are first reviewed and then your design is confirmed for sale after three days. You can upload as many cover designs as you want, and you can set the price of each cover according to your choice.

    Payment Details

    You will earn the 70% of your book cover sales. Payment will be sent out to designers on a weekly basis on every Sunday via PayPal. The total amount depends on the number of sales for your book covers. You will be notified through email about every purchase of your cover.

  2. Upwork

    Upwork is a popular freelance platform which offers a number of freelance jobs including book cover design jobs.

    Numerous jobs are posted every day on Upwork and you can avail them once you create your profile. Simply create an account on Upwork and mention your skills i.e. graphic designing and book cover designing and start bidding on any book cover design opportunities that you like.
    Remember, the client will select the freelancer he or she likes so it is important for you to make a good profile with all the relevant experience. As a beginner it is important you start with low prices to increase your chances of getting hired. As you gradually build your profile, you can start building your reputation and get better opportunities.

    Payment Details

    Payments are done via PayPal, Direct Deposit / ACH, Wire Transfer, Payoneer, and Skrill.

  3. The Book Cover Shop

    The book cover shop is an online book cover marketplace. It allows talented book cover designers to sell their designs to authors seeking a captivating book design for their unpublished book.
    You can start earning at this website by registering as a vendor. Once you’ve done that you can upload your designs and wait for an approval from the platform which is done in 24 hours. The good thing about the book cover shop is that they advertise your designs on Facebook and other social media platforms, so you have better chances of getting a buyer.
    They also take a commission of only 15%! Which is possibly the lowest rate among such companies. All the details regarding your sales will be visible on your online dashboard and you can keep a track of your sales.

    There are some rules for vendors that need to be followed. The book cover shop allows one individual cover to be sold only once. Once it is sold, the vendor has to remove it from the shop.

    Payment Details

    You receive 85% of your cover sales. Payment is done via PayPal. The vendor has the liberty to withdraw money whenever he or she likes.

As the online e-book reading trend grows, creative and visually appealing book covers are in good demand. There are many writers all over the world, waiting to publish their books and gain a good reading audience. Of course, they are always in need of a nice book cover that perfectly depicts the content. So try to expand your designing capabilities and try out this new way to increase your earnings.

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