9 Scholarship Websites for International Students

9 Scholarship Websites for International Students

One of the greatest perks of this century is the growing number of scholarship websites that allow international students to apply from anywhere in the world.

Studying abroad is one of a kind experience that can advance your career and academic endeavors. It gives you the right exposure and invaluable skills for lifelong learning while allowing you to travel and explore different cultures.

The experience is truly immeasurable, but it proves to be costly for almost every student wishing to study abroad. Luckily, there are a few websites that offer scholarships and grants for international graduates wishing to study abroad.

List of Top International Scholarship Websites

Here’s a list of some of the top scholarship websites available for International students:

  1. Scholars4Dev

    This website offers its services to international students for searching scholarships in various parts of the world. It is specifically for students from developing countries who wish to pursue their studies abroad. However, it also has scholarships for all other international graduates as well.
    The organization offers scholarships in various fields and levels. You can search for scholarships by country, level, subject, and other criteria.

  2. IEFA

    IEFA is a site owned by Envisage International Corporation (EIC). It is a center for international education and cultural exchange. The site holds vast information on study abroad scholarships and offers loans to students.
    It features an easy to use scholarship search format to aid students in funding their education abroad.
    You can search for a multitude of grants, loans, scholarships and even competitions and programs abroad. IEFA has verified loan providers and provides access to different funding options. Once you find the right scholarship, you can apply for it by creating an account on IEFA.

  3. Fast Web
    Fast Web Scholarships

    This website offers scholarships for US-based colleges and universities. If you are a US resident or an international student seeking to study in a US university, you can create an account on this website and browse through a number of scholarships.
    The website has verified and legitimate scholarships from various sponsors. It is a platform for different funding opportunities in the U.S. The scholarships are only for U.S based colleges and universities.

  4. Scholarship Portal
    Scholarship Portal

    An easy to use platform that allows users to browse through scholarships by countries and levels. It hosts scholarships for bachelors, masters and PhD degrees. The website notifies users of any fellowship or grant announced and offers tips regarding studying abroad.
    You can choose a destination and then browse through the scholarship opportunities each country has to offer.

  5. Scholarship Positions
    Scholarship Positions

    A platform dedicated to students who are looking for opportunities to study abroad. This website allows students to search for scholarships. It also helps them in the application process with tips and guidance.
    They provide students with resources such as study guides, college application procedure and guidance on entry tests to help students gain admission to good universities.
    The platform also helps international students with their visa application process. You can create an account on their website to apply for the opportunities. It’s easy to seek help from their team for your study abroad journey.

  6. International Scholarships
    International Scholarships

    A site for scholarships all over the world, ranging from college grants to award grants and fellowships. You can search any particular scholarship or fellowship based on country or field.
    The platform allows you to enter your country of origin to help you find any scholarship. International scholarships have also partnered with loan programs of different colleges in the U.S. They allow students who aim to study in U.S universities to register for loan schemes to easily fund their tuition.

  7. DAAD Scholarships
    DAAD Scholarships

    A Germany based scholarship website that aims to encourage cultural exchange in Germany. DAAD offers international students the opportunity to study in Germany. You can avail of their different scholarship awards for masters and doctoral levels in a number of universities across Germany.
    The website also allows you to browse all the related information regarding studying in Germany. It helps you in choosing your university, finding a scholarship, accommodation and also information regarding visa application and procedure for Germany.
    It gives advice regarding work in Germany and the general life there. You can find all the information for your educational journey in Germany.

  8. Go Abroad
    Go Abroad

    Go abroad gives you the opportunity to travel the world and you don’t necessarily have to be a student for that. The aim of this website is to make traveling abroad easy and less costly for everyone.
    Go abroad offers scholarships and funding for volunteers, students, interns and anyone seeking an adventure abroad. You can search for their resources based on your interest and country. You can add them to your Go abroad account to apply to as many opportunities as you like.
    The company has listed verified, legitimate partners who offer legitimate travel programs and scholarships. You can check the list of all the providers on their website.

  9. Diversity Abroad
    Diversity Abroad

    An organization with the aim to encourage diversity among students studying abroad. They encourage minority students and other under-represented students through scholarships and other opportunities. Diversity abroad has numerous scholarships and fellowships to go abroad.
    Whether you’re a student or a professional, you can apply to opportunities offered by the organization. The organization offers degree scholarships, fellowships, intern opportunities, and even the opportunity to teach abroad.
    The team at diversity abroad offers advice regarding different programs. You can easily contact them for any queries. You can also register and apply for opportunities suited to you and fund your journey abroad.

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